App Spotlight: ABN extension for Zoho CRM

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ABN extension for Zoho CRM 

Verify Australian business information with one click using the Zoho CRM to ABN extension. The Zoho CRM to ABN extension automatically searches and displays all available business information, so you don’t have to ask your clients whether their business is legitimate or not. Also, this will be helpful when you are preparing invoices and need access to your clients’ information at arm's length.

Get ABN extension for Zoho CRM

Business needs 

  • Identifying the validity of any business is the first priority when joining hands with them. For any Australian business, the most reliable portal you can use to verify the business is ABN Lookup. But navigating between the portal and your Zoho CRM can be troublesome when you are cross-checking countless aspects of these businesses.

  • Businesses demand the use of valid information to prepare invoices or other necessary documentation. This could be their ABN or ACN—a number that certifies the legality of the business. But manually inputting all the numbers may escalate the risk of making mistakes. Therefore, businesses can leverage an automated process that makes the process easier, more transparent, and risk-free.


  • The Zoho CRM to ABN extension builds a bridge between ABN Lookup and Zoho CRM, so you can search for relevant information right from your Zoho CRM and easily validate any business.

  • You can check the ABN, ACN, or business name from the pop-up window of the extension and determine its connection with the Australian context.

  • If you forget the full business name, typing the initials will give you a list from which you can select the appropriate one. So, there is no chance of making mistakes.


  • Eliminate the hassle you may have to go through while preparing necessary business documents for your clients by importing everything in just a click.

  • Simply search a business’s information either by ABN or ACN, and other fields will be filled automatically, saving you from manually typing and filling out the whole form.

  • Save valuable business hours by importing all data with a single click, without leaving your Zoho CRM.

Get ABN extension for Zoho CRM


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