3 ways to optimize conversions at checkout on your ecommerce site

This is a guest post by Easyship.

Ecommerce success increasingly revolves around having the right tools. Zoho’s partnership with Easyship gives merchants a powerful set of new features to streamline and save on shipping and fulfillment. We'll share three pro tips for how you can use the integration to automate shipping, access multi-carrier solutions, and use global warehouses for international sales, to optimize conversions at checkout.

#1  Automate shipping options to create better checkout experiences  

It’s difficult to tailor shipping options to individual shoppers in real-time. Though shoppers want options, they don't like waiting. And they're put off by anything other than a seamless checkout flow. So how can you calculate and present a range of shipping choices to fit every unique customer's situation?

How: Rates at Checkout from Easyship is a feature that allows merchants to set dynamic shipping rules in Zoho Inventory. Once the rules are established, shoppers receive a unique set of convenient, cost-effective shipping options matched to their order. Rate amounts are auto-calculated based on the item's category, dimensions, weight, shipping destination, and more.

Benefit: This means that buyers can pick their shipping rate, delivery date, and shipping options, without a delay, making them more likely to complete a purchase and increasing their satisfaction with your brand. Win-win.

#2  Manage inventory from warehouse to customer  

Fulfillment success requires a cost-effective mix of warehouse and inventory management. However, as reported in Business Insider, last-mile delivery costs from warehouse to doorstep account for a substantial 53% of merchants’ total shipping costs.

How: With Easyship’s multi-warehouse logistics management software, merchants gain access to a wide global network of warehouses and third-party logistics providers.

Benefit: Access to a global warehouse network shortens delivery times, increasing customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, delivering from warehouses leads to significant last-mile cost savings.

#3  Expand globally  

Cost-effective shipping options are essential to global ecommerce. Multi-carrier shipping solutions are the backbone of affordable cross-border shipping. Simply put, couriers compete for your business and you get to pick from a variety of shopping options by destination, delivery date, and price.

How: Easyship’s multi-carrier solution lets you pick from 250+ courier options sorted by price, destination, and delivery options. The dashboard automatically displays the cheapest shipping options to anywhere in the world.

Benefit: Multi-carrier shipping offers clear advantages over single couriers, including cheaper rates, faster delivery options, and superior customer experience. This allows your customer to choose the option that best works for them, reducing cart abandonment rates.

Optimize conversions at checkout, calculate shipping rates automatically, and ship globally with the lowest rates anywhere.

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