Introducing the Zoho Mail Admin app: One App To Rule Them All

The new Zoho Mail Admin app gives business email administrators the freedom to manage organization wide email policies from their smartphones.

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We understand how demanding an email admin's job can be. The hours are almost never ending, and you need to weather a constant barrage of requests. The burden is multiplied when your organization has a huge workforce, and/or is distributed across geographies and time zones. Business could come to a virtual standstill if email stops functioning even for ten minutes. That's how long it takes you to grab a cup of coffee!

Now, Zoho Mail admins need no longer wait to reach office to get cracking. Just pull out your smartphone, fire up the Zoho Mail Admin app and voila - you are wearing the admin hat again, effecting email policy changes. Wherever you are, whenever you want to. In less than the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Swag.

Is a user locked out of their inbox?  Reset their password, in an instant.
Want to manage group settings,  or add/remove members? Check.
Want to allocate additional storage  to an Inbox?  Done. On the go.
With Great Power, Assign Greater Responsibility...

Promote group members to admins if you want, and then some. With the Zoho Mail Admin app, you get

  • User Management: change user roles
  • Group Management: add/remove members
  • Password Reset: (duh!)
  • Storage Management: manage storage allocated to individual inboxes
  • Mail Moderation: monitor email contents before it's sent to sensitive recipients.

and there's plenty more where that came from...

The Admin app is empowerment. It enables you to discharge your responsibilities more effectively, even while affording greater convenience.

So if you are The Chosen One aka a Zoho Mail admin, download the Zoho Mail Admin app.The one app to rule them all.

Download it now:

P.S Coming soon: Assigning aliases, configuring email forwarding, and more. Watch this space for details.

28 Replies to Introducing the Zoho Mail Admin app: One App To Rule Them All

  1. 8 months ago it was said that multiple admin accounts would be supported in a month's time. I just installed this app, and this featured is not available. How do I manage multiple accounts in this app? Is there a paid version with this supported?

  2. I have multiple zoho email accounts. How do I add them all on the zoho app without logging in and out?

  3. Hi all, Considering the repeated requests for a Windows 10 version, the Windows 10 mobile app development has started and is going ahead full steam. Expect a download to be available soon, watch this space for more details. Thanks and regards, Navaneeth Suresh, Product Marketing, Zoho Mail.

  4. This is useless. Come out with something that can log in to multiple emails account in 1 location, just like what Gmail and many others have.

    1. Hi, this feature will be rolled out in a month's time. You will be able to have multiple Zoho email accounts simultaneously logged in and manage them from your mobile app. Thanks for your patience!

    1. Hi Adrian, the Zoho Mail Admin app is built for email administrators. They can/must use just the one admin account to log-in and manage organization wide email policies. But if you were referring to the Zoho Mail app, then yes you can add multiple external accounts (like GMail, Yahoo, AOL etc.) and have POP notifications configured for all of them, along with your Zoho Mail account as well. Also, like I said earlier, soon you will also be able to have multiple Zoho Mail accounts logged in simultaneously in the Zoho Mail app. This update should be rolling out in a month's time. We shall be updating you once the feature goes live. Thanks for your patience!

  5. Thank you Navaneeth & thanks to all Zoho team for the brilliant work! My question; is this app compatible with windows operated cell phones (precisely Microsoft mobile)? if not, what can I do about it?

    1. Hi Ramesh, the Zoho Mail Admin app is only meant for business email policy management. The email admin will need to use the regular Zoho Mail app to check emails. Hope this answers your query!

  6. One thing I would really like to see is the ability to set up more than one zoho email account on the regular mobile email app. I have clients who have more than one company and it is impossible for them to check more than one email account without resetting all their settings. Thanks, Mike

    1. Hi Mike, An update to add support for this feature (adding multiple Zoho Mail accounts to your Zoho Mail app) should be rolling out in a month’s time. We shall be updating you once the feature goes live. Thanks for your patience!

    1. Hi, Sorry the Zoho Mail Admin app is available only as a mobile app on Android and iOS. It is not available as a desktop application. All of Zoho products are cloud-based i.e SaaS, and users need to subscribe to use them. They are not on-premise software that can be downloaded and installed. Hope this answers your query!

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