Dear Zoho. Thank you for the redesign.

A few weeks ago we opened up the brand new version of Zoho Mail for preview. Since then, we've had a whirlwind of messages flooding our inboxes with feedback, suggestions, congratulations, and even some disapproval. First, thank you all so much for taking the time to write to us.

Before I delve further into the details of this update, let me tell you why we've spent years developing this latest edition. What was the problem in the first place?


Email started back in 1971 simply as a way, for an elite few, to send digital notes around the office. Forty years later, and with just a phone in your pocket, you can use email to contact virtually anyone in the world - from your best friend down the road, to the owner of a coffee shop you visited halfway around the world.

This evolution brought new challenges: we get far more email now than ever before, so important information gets buried inside messages, making important tasks slip through the cracks.

Meanwhile, work has also changed dramatically: (1) software has moved to the cloud; (2) storage is on the cloud; (3) teams collaborate in real-time, across geographies; and (4) devices have become mobile.

Email simply hasn't adapted fast enough. So we undertook to reinvent it. Here's what we bring to you today:

1. Streams

Streams enables informal conversations, around individual email messages. It borrows social media constructs – like tagging people – to create quick and informal discussions, without having to forward, manage, and sort through long email threads. You get better context, with less clutter.

2. Attachment Viewer

Ever had to pick out that elusive attachment from an unending pile of paperclip icons? We understand. Our Attachment Viewer uses pictures, and neatly organizes all of your attachments by type. Now you can see and choose the one you want.

3. Integrated Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

Get your work done within your email. Create a task, a note, or a calendar event, from any email message where you have the right context and relevant details. Keep current and never miss a deadline.

4. Shared Folders

Do you organize project communications into a single folder? Now you can share it! No more forwarding emails one by one. Assign folders to team members, and everyone stays in the loop.

5. Mobile

We have two mobile apps: Zoho Mail – with mail, calendar and contacts; and Inbox Insight – a clever search app for your email. Get both, on the device you want.

Lookout for posts in the coming weeks where we will cover each of these features, starting with Streams.

It's an exciting time at Zoho Mail and we are so thrilled with the reception we've received so far.


5 Replies to Dear Zoho. Thank you for the redesign.

  1. In my humble opinion, Zoho mail is fine the way it is. Is there going to be a way to keep the existing version? Please? I find the new version to be difficult to navigate and counter-intuitive. It slows down all of my usual workflow. I know this is the trend in modern software (e.g. Windows 8, Windows 10) but you don't have to follow these "more modern" trends. To me, just like Windows 10 and the latest Android releases, this seems like a big step backwards. Just change for the sake of change. It wasn't broken, so why this attempt to "fix" it? The current version is fine the way it is. It is easy and intuitive to navigate, the user interface is clean and easy to read and navigate; far better than other web mail like Gmail or Yahoo. Please allow those of us who find the current version preferable to keep it.

    1. D2288 - Thanks ever so much, as you answered the question that was already in my mind. So many times nowadays the "improvements" are a case of "It wasn’t broken, so why this attempt to “fix” it? " Another webmail provider thankfully actually reverted to what had long WORKED without the added complexity. Some people seem to have a need for endless & often unnecessary change that usually brings with it even more clutter in a world that seems to be bogging down ever more deeply. I guess some people just need new toys to play with. Both "KISS" principle and your "It wasn’t broken, so why this attempt to “fix” it? " usually come to mind. Thanks for reminding us that not everyone wants nor needs new toys.

      1. I don't intend to create any kind of wave of negativity. There's enough of it already surging around the world. I'm sure that the folks at zoho have their reasons for making the changes and far be it for me to criticize what that they did, but Im having a problem with this new version and have to say that I'm in agreement with D2288. I think that he/she illustrated my thoughts precisely. I'd just like to say thanks though for giving the option to keep using the old version. I can only add that I hope there will always be the option to keep using the old version. Thanks for giving this.

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