Checking in - Zoho Invoice Android App V 1.6

zoho-invoice-android-dashboardZoho Invoice android app keeps getting better and better with every new update. Our android team here believes in developing the app on the latest platforms and delivering the best to our users. In this release, you are bound to notice the cleaner, crispier and sleek UI changes to the Zoho Invoice android app.

Apart from the UI changes, which is like a breath of fresh air, the most useful addition is the ‘clone feature‘ (you can say yayiii). If you want to duplicate an invoice or an estimate, all you need to do is tap the clone option. It’s painful to enter the same data over and over again when you are on the move. That’s why, now, you create the invoice for one and ‘clone’ the rest. You have been doing this on the web app. Now it’s available on your android app.

This update is bound to make your mobile invoicing easier in a beautiful way. Update your android app to the latest 1.6 version available in Google Play and let us know what you think of it.

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  1. @Justin
    We've rolled in the new version (1.6.1). You'll now be able to view the project list in the alphabetical order.@Perry
    Thank you for your feedback. We've fixed the search issue. Do have a try. I've also forwarded your request of snail mail to the development folks.

  2. this is an excellent app but after the last update v1.6 with the new interface the search function does not work anymore, and it would be nice if you could send snail mail from the android version, i have to get on my laptop to do that, im sure they will get it fixed..

  3. @Justin: Thank you for your feedback. We're working on the sorting order for the projects list. Keep looking out on this space for more updates regarding that.@websitebiz : We're glad you like it :). Thank you@Robert @Yuj: Thanks for trying out the new version and sending us your feedback. Will definitely pass it on to the development folks.

  4. Thanks for the clone, the search still sucks, it hard when u need to check pricing on an item / description of product sold to who and when!! this is important when we're on the go and customers ask for their price history.what about changing the template ??? sometimes we have to get the Delivery Order template printed so that we can just wifi in from the phone. but.. no template changing on the android.. ;(little bit more guys! it'll be really good after that!

  5. Would really like to see the Projects & Time Tracking screens-modules get some badly needed attention. In their present state, they are little more than "afterthoughts." They aren't connected to the Invoicing module. You can't sort or filter those list in any meaningful way and you can't enter time in a "Start - Finish" manner. An odometer reading field with those start-finish time entry fields would be a nice touch.These are just a few of the sorely needed updates.

  6. Thanks for the update.Would really like to see the Projects select list sorted in alphabetical order in the Time Tracker when recording Time against a Task. Currently the Projects are listed in no logical order at all which makes it very hard to select the correct Project as you have to scan the entire list / all entries. It's the same problem in the Web App.Keep up the good work.

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