Zoho Invoice - Android app gets a makeover this summer!

Zoho Invoice android app has a slew of exciting updates this season. The first thing you are bound to notice is the clean, crisp UI and the slide drawer/ navigation. A slight swipe from the left to the right brings the app menu list at your service. Navigating to different modules is much more easier with the latest update.

android-invoice-appThere is more! We’ve added a simple and handy widget, which will now be a reason for iPhone users to be jealous of the android app. The cool widget allows you to quickly create an invoice, add an expense or log time for projects.

How do you bring it live on your home screen? On your home screen, drag and drop Zoho Invoice widget from the widget list available in your phone.

Finally, the much awaited ‘Print‘ option for invoices is now available on your android app through Google Cloud Print. You don’t have to run to your laptop every time to print invoices or estimates. Just click print on the invoice and the printer connected to your Google account will print it right away.

So that’s a lot of awesomeness coming your way. Head over to Google Play and update to the latest 1.7 version of our android app. Like always we’d love to listen to what you have to say. Drop us a line in the comments right below.

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Updated on 09th September 2016

We’ve made a lot of changes to our Zoho Invoice android app since we published this post. Please take a look at our app in the Android App Store more details.


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15 Replies to Zoho Invoice - Android app gets a makeover this summer!

  1. Hi Justin,Sorry for the delay in responding to your queries. We do have a swipe right on our dashboard screen. It isn't currently available once you click on a specific module. If dashboard swipe isn't working for you we request you to get in touch with our support team at mobile-support[at]zohoinvoice[dot]comCreating invoice from a project and making payment for multiple invoices are both under consideration and our team is working towards making it live on the android app soon. We'd make sure to get in touch with you as soon as we have it on board.

  2. Printing is definitely appreciated, however, it's usually easier to email the client. One thing I'd like to see is set up a swipe right, to open navigation (similar to swipe left/right in facebook app)... it's really difficult to press that button all the way at the top left on a note!However, for me to really avoid pulling out a laptop, I need two more things.
    1. Create an invoice from a project (at LEAST use the defaults from the web if you don't want to build the whole thing at once)
    2. Probably more importantly ... On the customer screen allow posting payments to multiple invoices at one time, like what is available on the web interface. Sometimes the client wants to pay multiple invoices at once with one check. I either have to go to each invoice, or pull out my laptop. Very annoying.

  3. Hi Barry,Sorry for the delayed response. Once you set up the date format in the web app, your invoices created in the mobile app will reflect the same format. Currently the format displayed while creating/editing is a 'default' format but the eventual format displayed will be the one that you set up in the web app. Let me know if you have more questions for me.

  4. In the browser version of zoho invoice, it is possible to specify the date format used. However, the android app only uses the American format. This makes the app unusable in the UK, as it would be too confusing (07-09-2013 is not the same as 09-07-2013).

  5. Hi Emilie,Widget is cool isn't it? You'll still find the timer right in the navigation bar. All you need to do is scroll down a bit. If you don't find it, drop us a comment here or send us an email to support[at]zohoinvoice[dot]com. We'd get back to you. :)

  6. Hi Laird,Completely agree! A snapshot view of finances will be a good to have feature. Will make sure your feedback reaches our development team. :)

  7. Thanks for the update. The app is definitely faster and more beautiful (and it works).One feature I'd love to see, is a mobile version of the website Dashboard. On the web, it's a nice snapshot of sales and overdue amounts. Could be useful on a mobile too, I'd say.:-)

  8. Hey Kristofor,Glad you liked the latest updates in our android app. We're trying our bit, one step at a time, to make invoicing insanely simple for you guys. I've passed on your feedback to our development team. In the meantime keep an eye on the blog too :)

  9. Hey, just received the update and have been having a go with it. The navigation is quite slick and I do like the user experience of it, although I didn't mind it before.A new widget... have that Iphone users! :)

  10. Good stuff!I think the only thing I could hope for now would be a 'convert to invoice' functionality for billable expenses and time. There would almost be no need to sit at the computer!cheers!

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