Introducing Zoho Payroll's UAE edition for Zoho People Plus

Introducing Zoho Payroll's UAE edition for Zoho People Plus

Streamlined HR processes help improve employee experience and ensure compliance with labor laws, while smooth payroll operations make sure that employees are paid on time and accurately. Considering the nature of both operations, it would be a mistake to assume that they work independently. Payroll requires data about attendance, leave, and loss of pay, all of which fall under the jurisdiction of HR. We're thrilled to announce that we're making these two operations easier for those in the UAE region by adding Zoho Payroll's UAE edition to the Zoho People Plus bundle.

The need for this addition

The traditional siloed approach to HR and payroll systems is no longer sustainable. Having different databases, interfaces, and user logins is an unnecessary pain that you don't want your employees and HR team to go through. Plus, disconnected HR and payroll systems can cause a lot of data errors, since teams have to manually migrate data from one system to the other. Similarly, sticking to the traditional disconnected system can increase the burden on the HR and finance teams. Whenever an employee is onboarded or terminated, they have to keep updating the data in both systems separately.

Key benefits of having Zoho Payroll within Zoho People Plus

With tightly integrated payroll and HR systems, the above-mentioned hurdles can be avoided, and payroll operations can be streamlined to a great extent. Here are a few benefits of having Zoho Payroll within the Zoho People Plus bundle:

1. Data accuracy

Zoho People Plus syncs employee details (names, joining dates, passport information, nationalities, work locations, salary and allowance specifics, banking details, and working hours) directly with Zoho Payroll. This ensures a seamless integration with your Zoho Payroll account, enhancing overall efficiency. In addition to this, Zoho Payroll inputs such as attendance, leave, and LOP data can be updated in Zoho People.

Effortless data transfers between Zoho Payroll and Zoho People Plus

2. Streamlined processes

With all the necessary HR inputs and the salary information stored in Zoho Payroll, the net pay of each employee can be calculated automatically. All you have to do is pick a pay schedule, define a salary structure, and configure approvals, and Zoho Payroll will work its magic. Even final settlements during an employee's exit can be simplified and streamlined.

Streamline Payroll Processing

3. Compliance

Ensuring payroll compliance is no longer a tiring task, as Zoho Payroll helps you comply with UAE payroll regulations and labor laws. For instance, a pre-populated Salary Information File is generated once payroll processing is completed so that your organization can stay aligned with the regulations of the Wage Protection System. Similarly, if some of your employees are from GCC countries, social security benefits applicable to them can be taken into account, and their pension contributions can be managed with ease.

Compliance made simpler with Zoho payroll and Zoho People Plus integration

4. Self-service portal

To make payroll information more accessible to your employees, Zoho Payroll comes with a self-service portal so that employees can get their salary-related information in a centralized place. Through the self-service portal, employees can view and download their payslips, update their employment-related information, stay in touch with their payroll admin, and more.

Employee Self-service portal in Zoho Payroll

Unifying HR and payroll operations for the UAE

Leveraging Zoho Payroll in the Zoho People Plus bundle, your organization can get the advantage of a complete HRMS system and provide the best experience to your employees and HR team. Check out our help guide to learn how to use Zoho Payroll within Zoho People Plus bundle seamlessly. For support queries, please write to


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