Elevating sales enablement: Fusing a CRM and CPQ platform

This is a guest blog post by iQuoteXpress

Sales enablement thrives on a foundation of robust systems that “play well together,” and the seamless integration of configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions with customer relationship management (CRM). Read on to learn how to quickly sell more with this type of integration.

Rapid access via SSO 

Consider this scenario: You acquire a new tool, perhaps a screwdriver, to enhance your toolbox.  Would you store it alongside your existing tools or in a different location, necessitating additional effort when needed?

Just as traditional tools belong in the same toolbox, integrating CPQ with CRM offers a “same toolbox” with a single sign-on (SSO) solution. To maximize the use of all available tools, organizations need to eliminate adoption hurdles like external logins. A seamlessly embedded CPQ solution within the CRM system is essential to achieve this.

 CPQ’s unique augmentation of CRM capabilities 

While CRM provides valuable insights into customer behavior and progress, businesses can also benefit from a tool to track the intricacies of sales proposals. Here's where CPQ technology comes into the picture because it’s designed to address the granular intricacies of quote generation and management. 

By leveraging a CPQ platform alongside a CRM, organizations bridge the gap between opportunity identification and deal closure. The integration empowers sales teams to streamline the quote lifecycle, from creation to signature, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the sales process.

A level playing field for your reps 

Sales enablement aims not only to expedite individual sales but also to foster parity among sales representatives. With a CRM, every sales professional follows standardized lead nurturing practices, ensuring consistency across the sales pipeline.

Simultaneously, a CPQ platform equips each representative with standardized proposal tools, including templates, optimized pricing structures, and actionable sales analytics. By providing equal access to these resources, organizations can identify top performers and offer targeted support to optimize the performance of every sales representative.

Guided selling, facilitated by the integration of Zoho CRM and iQuoteXpress CPQ, represents the linchpin of modern sales enablement strategies. By seamlessly integrating these technologies and empowering sales teams with standardized tools, organizations can drive efficiency, consistency, and, ultimately, revenue growth.

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