Align your sales and marketing teams with marketing automation

When it comes to a company's revenue growth, both sales and marketing teams have an equal share of the responsibility. However, the challenge for a marketer or a sales rep is this: how to align both teams' processes to maximize output?

Where marketers help in sales enablement and finding the best set of leads, sales professionals act upon these leads, thereby realizing all those marketing efforts. Ultimately, both teams strive to boost a brand's success in its most tangible form—revenue generation. So it's ideal for marketers and sales professionals to work together without hassles.

For many companies, though, this move is still just a dream. For the ones that tried to unify their sales and marketing processes, challenges arose.

Recently, though, a solution to simplify the sales/marketing communication and process flow arrived: Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation can bring teams together

Here's how marketing automation can help establish a smooth and structured way to blend your sales and marketing processes:

  • Setting up touchpoints to identify sources that contribute to your brand's overall success. Understanding the top sources that perform well for you in turn simplifies your lead generation activities.

  • Knowing the platforms and channels that generate your revenue. Investing your budget in multiple platforms is great, but figuring out which ones drive more revenue is crucial. This helps you optimize your campaign expenditure.

  • Using web behavior analytics to gauge your audience's interests. Studying audiences' online behavioral patterns can help you quickly map their further engagement journey. Set goals for various actions and see how much your leads are capable of achieving.

  • Setting up personalized content journeys for different types of leads. This makes your marketing process more targeted, helping you send messages across multiple channels.

  • Categorizing leads into different stages based on their engagement levels. To make the pipeline easier for your sales team, qualify the best leads using tools like scoring and tagging. This way, you help your sales rep close more deals in a much shorter time than expected.

  • Maximizing your marketing efforts of lead qualification. While your sales team works to capture the best bets, the conversion cycle is easy as your reps know what kind of engagement works for every unique lead. This enables them to add more meaning to the marketing process.

The main advantage of marketing automation is that your sales team will be aware of your marketing moves, which includes them learning where your leads come from, what they want, and how they're converted into customers. This bridges the information gap that otherwise hinders the orchestrated functioning of the marketing and sales teams.

Marketing automation software like Zoho Marketing Automation can seamlessly combine the functions of your marketing and sales teams and achieve your revenue goals as planned. Zoho Marketing Automation's integrations with other CRM platforms let you handle data across multiple platforms and make sure that your marketers and sales professionals are always in-the-know about everything.



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