Introducing Warehouse Management in Zoho Inventory!


A few decades ago, warehouses were hardly a concern for small business owners. They had limited options of expansion and often catered only to local customers. However, with the advent of e-commerce, warehouses are no longer just valued and leveraged only by large companies, but are also becoming relevant among businesses of all sizes as they try to keep up with increasing demand for product availability.

In an age in which e-commerce has overtaken traditional shopping methodsretailers are constantly striving to improve their distribution system as customers demand super-speedy deliveries. Warehouses, in addition to being used as storage facilities, are also used as direct pick-up points and retail outlets in order to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Because of this, ensuring warehouse implementation, performance, and effectiveness are vital for business growth. Any inefficiencies or mismanagement in the delivery system will directly impact customer experience and satisfaction. As such, warehouses play a far more significant role in growing your business than ever before.

With that in mind, Zoho Inventory is introducing "Warehouse Management" which helps you to effortlessly manage your multiple warehouses, keep track of your stock levels, move inventory between warehouses, and efficiently deliver your products to your customers.

Here's how Zoho Inventory's warehouse management works:

Single control point for multiple warehouse locations. 

Your warehouses might be spread across many locations that are far away, but Zoho Inventory gives you better control over all your inventory and makes you feel even closer to your warehouses than before. You can stay updated on the inventory levels in each of your warehouses on the go; simply click on the items to check your stock levels at a glance.


Optimize your stock levels across your warehouses.

 The stock flow of each of your items can vary across different warehouse locations. While the inventory level in one location could be at its maximum, others could be running low on certain items. With Zoho Inventory, you can now perform stock transfers between your warehouses, keep teams at each location informed, and strike the right balance between demand and supply.


Operate multiple warehouses like they're just one.

With your warehouses connected to a single system, you can get access to all your inventory-related data in one place, anytime, anywhere. Create and track your sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and bills for all of your warehouses in a single place so you can operate your warehouse network in a unified way.


Specific insights on specific warehouses.

Get real-time reports on the inventory levels, sales, and purchases associated with each warehouse so you can track their progress levels, identify trends and discover opportunities.


Try out our warehouse management solution today and see how easy it can be to run multiple storage locations with a single system.


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  1. I am new at a company and we use multiple Zoho products: Books,zoho inventory, crm, sales iq. We produce products and want to make more use of outsourcing work, so that two specialised companies produce sub assemblies(assembling multiple items) and a third company does the final assembly off these two parts, bonding them together. Is there a way to effectively setup such a scheme in ZOHO, so that i can steer the production and the stock levels of the items and off certain sub assemblies? Effectively i want to produce certain sub assemblies to stock and produce other parts and the final assembly to order. Thanks

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