Zoho MarketingHub is now Zoho Marketing Automation

 We've got a new name!

We are excited to announce that Zoho MarketingHub will now be Zoho Marketing Automation.

After two years of assisting you with unique customer marketing experiences, we've decided to rebrand ourselves for better global recognition and connection. Our name has changed but our stance hasn't. We carry the same vision, mission, and values.

Zoho Marketing Automation is still an all-in-one marketing automation software with the functionalities of distinct marketing tools providing a seamless multichannel experience.

What to expect:

This might seem like a big change, but rest assured, our quality or functionality has not been diluted. If you’re using Zoho Marketing Automation Wordpress plugin, all you need to do is update it to continue monitoring your customers. All other automations and integrations you have set up will be intact.

From now on you can:

What comes next:

In this ever-changing marketplace, we must embrace some disruptive decisions to drive towards the next big growth. This change is a small reflection of big updates we'll be making across the product to serve you better. Soon we will roll out new and refined features. Going forward, our goal is to proactively innovate, and invest in creating simple yet effective automation techniques that help modern marketers communicate the right message at the right time using the right platforms.

 Remember the name: Zoho Marketing Automation !

If you have any queries, write to us at support@zohomarketingautomation.com




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