Feature: Controlled Access in Zoho Business

One of the advantages of using online applications is mobility. You can access applications and your data from any location, operating system, browser or a device. In some specific cases, this 'access anywhere' may not be a good thing. Some companies requested us to provide a way to restrict user access to a pre-defined set of IP Addresses - typically their offices. We now have this feature in Zoho Business.

In Zoho Business' Control Panel, the 'Allowed IPs' option lets you configure the IP Range to which you want to provide access to your users. To configure it, enter the range of IP Addresses to which you want to provide access and save it.

While we expect a small percentage of businesses to use this option, it is important that we offer this flexibility. One of the sub-options available in this section is the ability to restrict Admin access to a certain set of IP addresses. This means, you can restrict the IP Addresses from which the administrator can configure the system. It's basically saying something like - you have to be in the office to make any changes to the system.


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