Announcing the Zoho Projects API

As you may know, we

have APIs for many of Zoho's services. And we have a good many services

implementing our APIs. This allows both Zoho's and our API partner's customers to be mutually benefited. A sample list of API Partners here.


we're excited to announce the API for Zoho Projects. Developers

can extend the project management and collaboration capabilities through our APIs and can build their own customized applications for their business needs. We've tried to make the API follow the REST (Representational State Transfer) principles and generate a XML/ JSON objectwhich

allows you to access / read / write Zoho Projects data from third-party

systems like Google/Yahoo gadgets, web

sites, billing & invoicing systems, other web-based products and do much more.

Zoho Projects API

How can you access and use this API ?

It's simple. To get started with Zoho Projects API,

   1. You need to first get the API Key and Ticket ID

   2. Fill in the required details mentioned to access your API[portalname]/api/private/[format]/methodname?parameters      

      portalname your project portal name
      methodname is one of the API methods.
      parameters are query parameters passed as POST

      format is one of the required output formats



For more information about this API, please visit our Zoho Projects API Documentation.

Here goes a sample implementation of Zoho Projects gadget built using Zoho Projects API. The below gadget can be embedded in Facebook, Orkut, iGoogle and Gmail.

Stream of latest activities  - for all users in a project

Zoho Projects Gadget

This opens up a new chapter for Zoho Projects, and it’s just a start. With the Zoho Projects API, you will be able to build a customized CRM system with Projects, billing systems, document management, time tracking tools and other web-based products. In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to post example uses and implementations for everyone to check out. We hope you will join us to share your ideas, tips and tricks with other developers in the community, through our API forums at Tips and Ideas for API.

As always, we'd love to hear your queries regarding
Zoho Projects API at


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