How does integrating Kaleyra SMS with Zoho CRM boost customer engagement?

Companies rely on customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage their customer relationships. However, CRM is becoming more complex than ever, as customers demand easy access and a direct connection with brands and services. This shift toward conversational messaging is here to stay, especially for SMS messaging, which is still the most widely adopted and frequently used. Today, 97% of companies are found to have communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching text-based messaging initiatives. Messaging is often viewed as a more straightforward and less intrusive way to communicate.

Established CRM systems like Zoho serve as vital nerve centers, wherein managing multiple connections over time is essential for generating revenue and building customer loyalty. But they can be enhanced to enable natural conversations with customers, create new opportunities, encourage sharing, understand specific needs, and create a seamless communication flow between commerce, support, and customers.

Having a conversational CRM

Zoho enables companies to gather, store, and manage customer interactions, to track customer-salesperson interactions within the sales cycle, and to identify, capture, nurture, and convert leads. However, as comprehensive and effective Zoho CRM is, it was not designed to act as a communications platform. And while it provides all these vital benefits, it doesn’t always provide businesses with the necessary customer outreach when it comes to having direct conversations with customers.

Customer relationship and customer engagement are two sides of the same coin. Kaleyra’s SMS integration with Zoho allows businesses to start conversations with customers at scale using SMS messaging directly from their favorite CRM tool, making it easier for them to launch and manage customized connections and to enhance the overall customer experience.

Kaleyra SMS for Zoho enhances both platforms and enables Zoho customers to design a conversational messaging strategy adaptable to their customer needs and marketing objectives. Conversational customer engagement is about building solid and productive customer relationships through two-way messaging and facilitates new customer outreach. A conversational CRM combines the best messaging capabilities to fill any communication gap and help businesses reach customers more effectively.

The benefits of Kaleyra’s SMS integration

The goal of our integration is to guarantee steady and consistent improvement in your customer experience, conversions, and sales. Zoho CRM is critical for any business, but when you integrate Kaleyra SMS, your business will benefit in several ways and provide you with a new set of capabilities:

Send personalized messages to every customer through Zoho CRM

Send personalized text messages directly from Zoho CRM to a single lead, group of leads, or the entire lead list. Get notified when you receive messages at your Kaleyra number, schedule message campaigns with just a few clicks, and save them for future use. A clear display of messages allows you to go through past conversations, even if they span over multiple phone numbers.

Craft compelling and re-usable text templates to send promos, reminders, and more

Send coupon codes, special discounts, and more without rewriting every message. Utilize provided templates or customize your own for specific campaigns, and use them to send regular information on promotional discounts, events, special announcements, and more to specific contact segments.

Reach customers at the right time with scheduled text messages

Cater to your customer’s convenience by scheduling text messages according to different time zones for each customer within your working hours and delivering a personalized user experience. Create rich and customized brand experiences with real-time text messaging.

Automate lead communication and nurturing

Workflows help you achieve automation in your campaigns. By setting up a few steps, you can create automation flows where specified events will trigger messages to leads. Structure workflows for any activity, from lead creation to conversion, and set up any number of workflows, as well.

Gain powerful insights and improve your marketing campaigns

Understanding your customer preferences and behavior facilitates workflow customization, which means you can use dynamic variables and URLs in messages and choose the templates that perform better to increase response rates. Kaleyra SMS reports each template’s performance and plans your subsequent campaigns accordingly.

Integrating Kaleyra SMS with Zoho CRM helps enhance every customer relationship management activity while promoting and supporting sales and marketing activities. It allows businesses to build a 360-degree view of their customers and provide the best customer service possible—all while maintaining seamless communication with customers using information received from Zoho CRM, as well as understanding and predicting its behavior while building scalable sales. Above all, Kaleyra SMS will make your favorite CRM tool more convenient for customer engagement, further influencing customer support, new sales, and return on investment.

Note: This is a guest blog authored by Gonzalo Castelao, an accomplished product marketing manager passionate about the intersection of product strategy, marketing, and sales.


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