Boost your business by integrating Zoho CRM with Razorpay's payment gateway

For years now, forward-thinking businesses have been using CRM to handle their client relationships and boost their business.

With the radical changes the COVID-19 pandemic has made to the economy, many businesses are realizing that they have been underutilizing the capabilities of their CRM software. In the face of pressure to sustain profitable growth in difficult times, more and more businesses are looking for ways to get more out of their CRM to increase their sales efficiency and personalize the customer experience.

Zoho CRM Razorpay Guest Blog

As customer-centric thinking is becoming the norm, integrating a payment gateway with your CRM has never made more sense. Organizations can improve their customer journey by incorporating payment information as an integral part of the customer’s data inside a CRM. Integrating a payment gateway allows forward-thinking businesses to:

● Tailor the payment experience to your customers’ expectations
● Gain real-time actionable insights to make data-driven decisions
● Generate new competitive advantages
● Grab every chunk of additional market share by increasing your operational efficiency

How? While CRM stores all your customer interactions, campaigns, sales automation, and target customers, a payment gateway opens avenues to smooth sales and premium billing. By integrating your Zoho CRM with a robust payment solution like Razorpay, you will be better equipped to close deals faster and partner with a wider variety of customers. It also helps you keep a close watch on large invoices and billing without falling prey to fraudulent transactions and scams.

Payment Gateway

With a massive increase in online payment methods, there’s a much greater risk of things falling through the cracks if you don’t have the right system to associate your incoming payment with the relevant customer record in your CRM. Connecting your CRM system to an online form builder like Zoho Forms and automating your sales process can significantly reduce the risk. Razorpay’s Payment Gateway can be easily integrated with Zoho Forms, providing your online visitors with an easy way to submit information and make payments easily.

Payment Links

You can now easily use Razorpay Payment Links to send payment links and cancel payment requests directly from the Invoices module in Zoho CRM. This feature also enables reps to resend payment request notifications from Zoho CRM and see automatic payment status updates from Razorpay in Zoho CRM.

Watch this demo to understand how.

Other key Payment Links features that Indian game-changers like ZeFo, Printo, Treebo, and Uber have loved:

● Creating customized payment links to match your branding
● Accepting payments and sharing links via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms
● Allowing customers to make partial payments towards large amounts
● Accepting payments in real-time with an integrated chatbot
● Using payment links as an alternative to COD orders

Do you want to elevate your business’s CRM suite with Razorpay? Sign up with us today to see the difference.

Other Razorpay products that can give your business a boost:

Payment Pages

We understand that offering online payments might seem overwhelming. Razorpay Payment Pages was created to solve this business challenge. Razorpay Payment Pages is the easiest way to accept payments with custom-branded hosted pages. Take your page online and start accepting payments instantly and securely with zero coding efforts required: it’s that simple! And there’s more! You can also create GST-compliant invoices.

Payment Buttons

Getting your business ready to offer online payments to customers can be a long, daunting process. Razorpay Payment Buttons are designed to let you start accepting payments on your website in less than 5 minutes, with zero integration efforts and no setup cost. It also comes with an exclusive feature to help you offer your customers a customized checkout experience, which you can set up in minutes with limited technical knowledge.

These are difficult times. But the best run businesses will learn to thrive in a post-pandemic world, especially if they recognize the value of leveraging Zoho CRM with a robust payment solution. Remember, it is far less expensive to retain a good customer than to acquire a new one.

Note: This is a guest blog authored by Shweta Rao, from Razorpay


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