From orders to alerts with Zoho Inventory and Zoho Cliq integration

From orders to alerts with Zoho Inventory and Zoho Cliq integration

Running a business is challenging, especially when it comes to managing incoming orders from online sales channels. By integrating your Zoho Inventory setup with robust communication software like Zoho Cliq, you can receive notifications about online sales directly in a designated Zoho Cliq channel. This includes instant alerts about orders from different sales channels, such as Shopify, updates on stock levels in your online stores, and more.

Let's explore this integration and the benefits it offers.

What is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is inventory management software. It provides a comprehensive suite of features that help users efficiently manage orders, track inventory, handle GST billing, and oversee warehouses. With Zoho Inventory, businesses can easily manage sales and purchases, handle invoices and bills, and track payments in one central location. The software also enables users to track packages and shipments for timely deliveries.

Integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Cliq

To integrate Zoho Inventory with Zoho Cliq, you need an active account with both apps, registered with the same email address. Then, use the following steps: 

  1. Open your Zoho Inventory account. 
  2. Navigate to the Integrations module. 
  3. Select the Chat tab under Integrations
  4. Click on the Connect to Zoho Cliq button. 
  5. Choose the chat group to which Zoho Inventory should push the notifications. 
  6. Click on the Connect to Zoho Cliq button once again to complete the integration. 

If you need further guidance, here's a detailed help document.

Benefits of integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Cliq

  • Receive instant alerts for item reorders. 

  • Get notifications for new items imported from your marketplace or shopping cart. 

  • See updates on item stock for online sales channels. 

  • Receive notifications for new orders from your online store. This integration saves you time by bringing all relevant information to one place and ensuring that all members of the team are up to date.

  • Use the Contextual Chat feature to chat with other Zoho Inventory users using Zoho Cliq's chat bar. Simply click on the Contextual Chat icon and add users as participants. Then, initiate discussions and make audio and video calls with your Zoho Cliq contacts directly from within Zoho Inventory.

         For more information on contextual chats, see our detailed help document.

To put it briefly

Welcome effortless order management and improved communication with the Zoho Cliq and Zoho Inventory integration. Say goodbye to missed orders and hello to streamlined workflows that empower your team to stay on top of every detail. To learn more about how these integrations work and how to set them up, or if you need further assistance, please email us at


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