Zoho Projects : Add Task Notes, Log Time from My Timesheet, View Unread Chat Topics

This post is a combination of one feature which many of you seem tough to find/do in Zoho Projects and two new features. First the tough-to-find/do feature.

Add/View Task Notes
we get this support question of how one can add notes to a task.
Here’s how to do it
In the Task & Milestones tab, go to the task where you want to add your notes & click on the gray Notes icon.

This will pop up a notes dialog box where you can type in your notes related to the task and save the changes.

You can in fact add multiple notes to a task. To view the task notes added, click on the
yellow colored icon which indicates that one or more notes have already been added to a task

Log Time from My Timesheet
popular demand from most of our users is there should be an option
to log time directly from My Timesheet itself instead
of going to each Timesheet tab across various projects to log their billable / non-billable hours. So
we’ve made this available in the My Timesheet itself.

View Unread Chat Topics
customers felt while they are offline or away, they missed important
chat transcripts and there should be an option to see missed
with their project members and clients. Now you can check such missed chat transcripts and you can do this from 3 different places in Zoho Projects.

a) from the Home tab

b) From the Dashboard View

c) Of course from the Chat tab

Hope you find these features helpful. We’d
like to hear from you about these features in Zoho Projects and how
it is helping you and your team

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