Zoho Office Plug-in now available for SharePoint 2010

We have been receiving many requests from our users asking when

Zoho Office Plug-in
would be available for SharePoint 2010. 
Well, the wait is finally over. Zoho Office plug-in for SharePoint 2010 is now publicly available for download.

If you are a new user wondering what this plug-in is all about, Zoho Office for SharePoint is a plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint that enables a SharePoint user to view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored on the SharePoint server using Zoho Office suite (Zoho Writer,

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Show
respectively). The documents can be viewed and edited from inside the SharePoint portal. 
Multiple users can collaboratively work on a document in real time. With integrated chat, real time collaboration works that much better.
No Office software needs to be installed on the client desktop to work with the documents.

Create new documents
Once the plug-in is installed successfully, you will find a new menu New Zoho Document under the Documents ribbon tab. Using the respective sub menus, you can create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation.

View or Edit existing documents
The Zoho Office Plugin adds two new contextual menu items to each supported document type. Using these menu items you can view or edit the document.

Collaborative editing
Multiple users can collaboratively work on a document in real time. No extra configuration is required. Users have to simply open the document in edit mode to start collaborative editing.

Zoho Office for SharePoint brings the benefits of cloud inside the enterprise. You get to store your documents behind the firewall, and use Zoho to work on the documents in a much better collaborative way. 
If you are a SharePoint 2010 admin, feel free to downloadZoho Office for SharePoint 2010 and give it a try. Zoho Office for SharePoint is available for an unlimited 30 day trial.
We want to hear from you. Do post your questions, feedback or suggestions to support@zohooffice.com.


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