The Zoho Suite Gets Even More Powerful With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

It is that time of the year again!

The much-awaited iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have officially arrived. With features like Live Text in photos, Visual look up, Secure paste, Notification summary, and Focus modes, Apple aims to help you better connect, focus and explore using your devices. This year, their focus area is also to use artificial intelligence to enable technology.

For most Apple users, this is a time of surprise and speculation. With the beta mode available for over three months now, we have a fair idea of what is in store. What is waiting in store for us are some fantastic changes in the day-to-day user experience- that will also impact some of the ways you run your business.

Apple's ecosystem has embraced the work-from-home situation. Be it Widgets on the iPad home screen, or a separate Focus Mode for work, it all works to help you give your work-life some serious space from your home-life.

Accordingly, we at Zoho have upgraded some products and features to ensure that you never have an unproductive day at work. Check out some of the new features below.

Widgets for Bigin Are Smarter and More Secure

Widgets for Bigin no longer just sit on your home screen displaying information. Now, they can pop up automatically in your Smart Stack with scheduling details about meetings, calls, and other activities. And, these widgets are more secure because you can now keep them tucked away in Today View when your device is locked.

iPad users rejoice! Now, for the first time, you can enjoy the Pipeline View widget on your device. Bonus: it is extra-large! With this iPad-exclusive size option, you can display more information on your iPad home screen without compromising readability, functionality, or visual appeal. From tracking all aspects of your deals to nurturing their journey through your pipeline, you can now handle all your processes with ease. Click on this to see the rest of Bigin's exciting new features on iOS 15.

Smart Stack Widget for Zoho Sign

With a clear focus on more work and fewer distractions (or the other way around if you prefer), iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 let you personalize what is visible on your screen. Zoho Sign brings more intelligent and larger widgets. You can now add Zoho Sign to your Smart Stack widget. This gives you all of your paperwork at a glance, without having it constantly appear on your home screen.

If you are an iPad user, the new extra-large widget helps you track and keep an eye on both, the documents need to be signed and the ones sent out for signatures of others. It takes advantage of your additional screen space to list the documents under both categories along with other contextual information.

Doc Scanner Is Crystal-clear With Live Text

We are taking the OCR in Doc Scanner to the next level. Get picture-perfect OCR for your scanned docs in Doc Scanner for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Scan your important documents, select them, and insert them into Doc Scanner for a clear representation of them with the Live Text feature.

Make Important Notes With Notebook Safari Extension

With iOS 15, you can now enjoy a clutter-free writing experience with the new Safari extension for Notebook. You can take your noting experience up a notch by adding content in Text Cards and images in Photo Cards without switching tabs. You can also organize your note cards by associating them with notebooks. Get ready for a cleaner, smarter view of your web pages with the Reader View with removed ads and the content you love.

Intelligent Notebook Suggestions With Core ML

Organize your note cards better in Notebook with Core ML. Get intelligent notebook suggestions for your note cards and easily keep track of them.

Let Doc Scanner Make Your Work Easy

Be more focused and get timely reminders for your scanned docs without any hassle. Doc Scanner now provides you with Focus Notifications for your scanned docs in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Set reminders for your important documents and get them delivered to you at the right time.

Keep Tabs on Travel Expenses, Even on Different Focus Modes

Booked an air journey but forgot to book your hotel? Everything is now under control with time-sensitive notifications in Zoho Expense, which come with the iOS 15 update. These notifications will always alert you of upcoming trips, even when you are on a different Focus mode. With reminders, you will never miss out on critical information regarding your travel.

Focus Only on Tasks That Matter With Zoho Desk

Apple's Focus mode in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 lets you filter notifications from apps based on what you're engaged in. There is also an option to enable time-sensitive notifications to break through Focus mode. At Zoho Desk, we understand that tasks are often time-sensitive, so we've enabled Task Reminders to qualify as Time-Sensitive notifications.

Users can enable these task reminders in their app's notification preferences and also specify the Departments they want to receive reminders from. This ensures that support reps only receive notifications about really pressing matters when they’re focused on something else.

Bigin Will Now Allow 'Drag and Drop' for Files

Apple has expanded the usefulness of drag-and-drop for iPhone users. If you are familiar with using this function on your iPhone, you know that drag-and-drop was limited to within a single app. But now, you can drag files from one app to drop them in another app just like that. With a simple drag-and-drop routine, you can move images, text, and other documents from Photos, Notes, and Files into Bigin. Whether you need to pull out a brochure from the Photos app for your email thread or pick selected text of a website for your notes, Bigin lets you take full advantage of this feature.

Introducing Audio Graphs in Zoho Campaigns to Face Accessibility Challenges

With the latest Apple update, the VoiceOver feature now provides an audio representation of data in charts and graphs, which helps blind and low-vision users analyze data. As email marketers, we all know that tracking email campaign reports is critical for streamlining email marketing strategies. So we have implemented Audio Graphs in our latest iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates to help users analyze reports for overall sent campaigns and contact details. Check it out here!

Make Quick Notes Within Books and Invoice

With Quick Note, Apple has extended the functionality of the Notes app to work seamlessly with both Apple and third-party apps. This update brings content and notes closer than ever, so you never lose context. We have adopted this in Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, and several other apps so that you can combine data with text and never lose track of valuable business insights.

Here is an example: Assume you're going through the Zoho Invoice dashboard to look at the sales and expenses for the past three months, and you notice peak sales during a specific month. You want to note the reasons behind it for future iterations. With Quick Note, all you need to do is swipe from the bottom right corner of your iPad so that the Notes app appears within the Zoho Invoice app. Now, you can easily drag and drop the Zoho Invoice graph into the Notes app so that its snapshot appears within the note. Along with this, you can add more text—all this without closing or switching apps.

An additional option is that you can add the app link to the note with a simple tap. When you launch it and tap the link, it will take you to the Zoho Invoice app.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Focus Based Navigation for Zoho Expense on iPad

Apple has taken the keyboard shortcuts up a notch with the iPadOS 15 updates. Connect your iPad with an external keyboard to effortlessly add expenses, reports, trips, mileage expenses, and more through the Zoho Expense application. Navigate through the application with your external keyboard and focus on a particular module by simply clicking on the Tab. This hassle-free method will help you finish your tasks in no time.

Multitask With Zoho Desk on iPad

With the iPadOS 15 update, Apple has enhanced the multitasking experience for its users. With the new and intuitive multitasking update for iPad, users can work with multiple screens simultaneously and quickly pivot to critical tasks that need focus.

Zoho Desk offered the ability to run multiple instances of its User Interface in iOS 13. It has now ramped up its multitasking ability by adopting the new gestures and presentation modes available with iPadOS 15. Desk users can compose reply mails or view customer contact details prominently in the center of the screen with a single touch. Users can conveniently focus on a single screen while the other screens dim in the backdrop. You can move it to the app shelf for later, or reposition the screen by using the new multitasking controls.

Print Important Paperwork From Anywhere Using Zoho Sign

It's rare that paperwork is entirely signed and accessed on the web or mobile. You often need a hard copy. For that, you end up mailing it to yourself or a colleague so that it can be downloaded and sent for printing from a computer. No more; Zoho Sign in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 lets you print documents directly from the app to a printer connected to your network. And with our improved shortcuts completing tasks is now just a matter of a few keystrokes.

With remote and hybrid working situations, a lot is changing around us. We need an ecosystem suitable for smooth processes and transitions now more than ever before. We hope you enjoy using our powerful suite of apps for your business. For any suggestions or feedback, we are always just a tweet away!


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