What's new: Zoho's apps on deck for macOS Sonoma

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It's been a week since we posted about the compatibility of Zoho's suite of apps with Apple's iOS and iPadOS 17 updates. As promised, we're back to talk about how our apps are adaptable with the brand-new macOS Sonoma, chock full of eye-catching features that will reignite your love for our apps. With this update, you can effortlessly work with some powerful technologies and play around on a big screen. As Apple says, "Come for the power. Stay for the fun." 

At Zoho, we always make sure to take advantage of the latest updates released by Apple every year. We delve deep into their technologies and immediately begin working on adapting to these updates. This time, some of the finest updates for iPhone, such as interactive widgets and visual look-up, will work flawlessly for Mac as well. The newest, most interesting Sonoma features will elevate and boost productivity for your business and take your work to the next level. Interested in learning about what Zoho offers for macOS Sonoma? Read on.  

Zoho Notebook elevates productivity with top-notch performance for macOS Sonoma 

Notebook, an all-in-one productivity platform for all of your note-taking needs, never misses out on Apple's newest updates. As always, Zoho Notebook adapts to Apple's technology in every possible way it can—and, this time, it's a blast for Notebook–Mac users with macOS Sonoma.

Interactive Widgets is one of the handiest features for Notebook, because you can mark all of your expired reminders as done from there—when pinned, you can check to-do list items and view all of the images in a Photo Card from the widget. Look up any image on your Text/Photo Cards and lift the subject of that image easily so you can create a new Photo Card with it, or even add it as your notebook cover. You can extract any text from the image and create a Text Card separately.

Notebook takes another step by using Apple's SharePlay, allowing users to share files, audio, and video recordings during FaceTime calls. With the tooltip feature, new users can learn how some options work in Notebook when they use the app for the first time. Also, the enhanced AutoFill feature lets you fill out PDFs and other documents securely in your File Cards.

The all-new Screen Capture for Sonoma helps you save time and allows you to take screenshots of both the Notebook app and the background of your screen from the Capture option in Notebook. Handy, isn't it? Download the app and explore all of these quality features.

Enhanced document scanning with Zoho Doc Scanner 

The new macOS Sonoma updates in Zoho Doc Scanner undoubtedly enhances your experience on scanning documents!

Interactive Widgets will allow users to mark all of the expired reminders as done and view all of the images in a document from the widgets. Using VisionKit, you can extract text from images within the scanned documents.

If you're a new Doc Scanner user, now you can view tooltips for editing and sharing options in the app. Apple's annotation on documents comes in handy for auto-filling your scanned forms and PDFs. Download the app here.

Bigin finds business uses for the features that come with macOS Sonoma

As the Apple ecosystem continues to evolve, Bigin also evolves with it, ensuring our users always have access to the latest tools for efficient small business management on their preferred Apple devices. Let's talk about how widgets on the Mac have become interactive, allowing users to perform actions within the app.

Previously, Mac widgets found their home in the Notification Center. While this setup proved useful, the newfound capability of placing widgets directly on the lush screen real estate of your desktop offers a refreshing way to access them. With the Continuity upgrade, the Bigin widgets configured on your iPhone will seamlessly mirror on your Mac desktop, without the need for any additional setup. While we've shared a taste of what's new in Bigin's macOS Sonoma update, the complete list of features awaits you on this page. 

Unlock greater efficiency with interactive widgets across the Zoho Finance suite 

Products supported:     

Our widgets aren't just for displaying information anymore; we’ve woven the Interactive Widgets feature into our apps, with the goal of enhancing your productivity.

With the Timer widget in Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, you can now start, stop, or pause project timers directly from your device's home screen, eliminating the need to open our apps for these actions. Meanwhile, the Overdue Invoices widget allows you to send payment reminders to your customers from the home screen easily. Managing your shipments and transfer orders is now a breeze in Zoho Inventory. You can now mark packages as “delivered” and in-transit transfer orders as “transferred” right from the widget. In Zoho Expense, perform actions right from the home screen, such as marking the unread notifications as read and swiping through the pending tasks that are suggested by Zia.

Download the latest version of Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Expense to try the interactive widgets!

Enhanced eSigning experience with Interactive widgets, TipKit, and more in macOS Sonoma 

The release of macOS Sonoma brings a range of exciting new features and enhancements poised to redefine the way we use our Mac devices. But what makes it more exciting is that Zoho Sign, our digital signature application, has adapted these updates to bring you an easier and more user-friendly e-signing experience. This update includes two new features—interactive widgets and tooltips via TipKit.  

Interactive widget: The new interactive widget allows users to send reminders to signers directly from their Home Screen widget without having to open the Zoho Sign app. This feature enhances the overall e-signing experience, making it more efficient.

Tooltips via TipKit: Tooltips can be quite helpful for new users because it provides them with handy tips that explain the purpose and functionality of every element on their screen.

Download the latest version of Zoho Sign for macOS Sonoma here.

Authenticating with Zoho OneAuth just got more convenient with the new macOS 

The latest macOS updates are here! At Zoho OneAuth, we’ve adapted to the recent macOS updates to provide a better authentication experience. Let's jump right into the features.

Interactive Widgets for Smart Sign-in: Skip a few steps and go directly to the Smart Sign-in QR scanner on OneAuth and access your Zoho accounts faster.

Interactive Widgets: Access OTPs directly from your Mac with a single click. You can customize the widget to display the accounts of choice.

These widgets can be pinned to your Mac desktop.

TipKit: You can now learn more about OneAuth while using the app. TipKit allows for timely pointers, such as reminding users to sync OTPs from the cloud.

Download the latest version of Zoho OneAuth to experience all the new updates.

Zoho and Apple are a dynamic duo. Every time Apple launches new technologies, we adapt to it, and our users fall in love with our apps—it's a never-ending story. We hope you enjoy these impressive updates. Upgrade to macOS Sonoma today and explore the pack of features to its fullest. We love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below—see you all next year!


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