User Created Themes in Zoho Mail

During the weekend, one of the passionate users of Zoho Mail, Ben (@benbosmans) created few custom themes for our Mail App using the Stylish Firefox Add-on. There is an interesting discussion going on in our Forums that talks about this.

If you prefer a different color scheme to the Zoho Mail app, the Stylist Add-On
to your Firefox and the themes pre-created by our users can help you.
If you are adventurous, you can create your own theme to the app and
post it for others to use.

Ben created two themes – Clouds & Jungle Green – for Zoho Mail App which I found pretty good. I started using the cloud theme.

Cloud theme for Zoho Mail

Jungle Green theme for Zoho Mail

Using these themes is very straight forward. You need to install the
Stylish Add-on for your Firefox, restart your browser, go to the theme
and click on ‘Load into Stylish’ button. This will launch a window
that lets you preview or save the theme. Thats it. You should be all set. Next time you visit Zoho Mail, you’ll see the new theme.

Additional information is in our forums.

Thank you for your initiative Ben. I am sure some of our users will appreciate this.

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