Top 7 Ways to use Zoho this Holiday Season!

the Holiday season just around the corner, everyone’s busy organizing
festive celebrations, sending out gifts and greetings within their
Business circle (clients,
customers, business acquaintances and employees.) The whole process of
planning and organizing Holiday activities for your Business can work
out to be quite a task in itself.

To help you with this task, we’ve
compiled a list of 7 Zoho products that make it easier for you to plan
and implement Holiday activities for your Business.

  1. Zoho Projects: Create a ‘Holiday’ project to plan and coordinate tasks on
    your Holiday to-do list. Part of this project may include tasks related
    organizing corporate festive events and sending out gifts or greeting cards to your customers. Zoho
    Projects can help you collaborate with your team members by assigning
    such tasks and tracking timelines within which they must be completed.
  2. Zoho CRM You can export your contacts from Zoho CRM to create a mailing list for sending out greetings or gifts to your customers, you can also use Zoho CRM’s Mail Merge functionality.
  3. Zoho Invoice: Delight your customers by creating Holiday-themed
    invoice-templates for any invoices that you may be sending out during
    this season. 
  4. Zoho Support: If your support staff is on leave during the Holiday period,
    use Zoho Support to create a
    Customer Support Portal. This is where
    your customers can login their requests or complaints and search the
    Knowledgebase for your queries..
  5. Zoho Creator: Try your hand at Zoho Creator to develop custom applications for the Holiday season. Such as, maybe a Secret Santa application?
  6. Zoho Assist: Got a customer who needs urgent support during the Holiday
    season while you’re away spending time with family? Offer remote support
    by using Zoho Assist from wherever you are. 
  7. Zoho Mail: Away from your email during the Holidays? Setup an auto-reply
    greeting that will let your customers know when you’re back.

Have another idea that isn’t included in the list above? Share it with us by posting in the comments section.​

Happy Holidays!

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