Customer Support Portal

Empower your customers with the self-service portal. Help them get answers to their questions before they could even submit a ticket. Customers can track the progress of their tickets besides information like agent assigned, resolution and comments if any. While this encourages customers to self-serve themselves, it also helps increase efficiency and reduce operational cost of your support center.

Key Features

Secure Access

Define permissions for accessing your self-service portal. You can choose to open your portal to all or to only those with login credentials. This ensures that you're not spammed with unsolicited tickets besides securing your information from public access.

Customize your Way

Self-service portal is an extended arm of your website and so should it mimic its look & feel. With Zoho Support you can unleash your brand’s identity using custom themes, real-time styling, drag-n-drop rearranging etc., for that seamless customer experience.

Search Knowledge base

Search solutions quick & easy. Customers and agents can search knowledge base and get their questions answered. Agents can as well add FAQs to deflect incoming tickets. The most viewed and recent articles section is a ready reckoner for portal users.


  • Improves agent productivity coupled with reduction in workforce costs
  • Enhances customer satisfaction, thanks to real time ticket tracking
  • Faster turn-around for customers compared to support provided over telephone or e-mail
  • Offers 24 hour-a-day support without having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call

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