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You'll find this funny. Read on :D

Robert Scoble :

I didn't get invited to FOOLS Camp this year, (private wail to 250 people on IM). But I will say nice things about Tim on my blog, saying what an honor it was to be invited last year. But he better darn well invite me next time, else I will hold my own Geek Barf Camp and not invite him, that will show him. How dare he? Just who does he think he is? Oh my comments are acting up. I still believe in the power of the blogs, just if you agree with me. Gobbels of the world not welcomed. Mudpit. Disagree = Troll. Oh pardon me, my comment system is down again. Disruption! Mashup! Web 2.0! I love the smell of startups! Blogs are truth and salvation all in one. Search engine rant, long-winded blather over Technorati vs. Google and then Google vs. Yahoo. MSN vs. Sphere/Exalead/Yahoo/Google and Google API/Feedster/Icerocket/Gabba Goo Bee Gabba/Technorati/Rice o' Roni. Web 2.0 me baby, yeah, dat's the ticket. Never met a startup I didn't like. Poster boy for the new useless Microsoft.

Doc Searls :

Consulting, fame and glamour, six-figure speaking gigs, briefings, betas, books, groupies, parties, conversations with Earth People. The blogosphere is a huge tipping-point machine. More tips here please. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands, your blog will surely show it, clap your hands.

Anyways, my latest photoset on Flickr was shot from a windowseat near the back of a United 757 en route from New York to San Francisco last week.

Earth People converse. Markets are Earth People conversing in Human Voices to other People of this Earth about matters important to real Humans who live on Planet Earth.

Dave Winer :

On the Internet the volume of messages posted by idiots always exceeds the number posted by well-meaning moderately intelligent people, squared. Of course, I am well beyond moderate, right-hand of God seems good a place as any. Pout pout, temper-tantrum rant, wail, cry, scream, hold a blogger party in honor of Robert Scoble, pout pout, temper-tantrum rant, wail, cry, scream, yell, cry bloody murder.

Oh this lawn mower company now has RSS feeds. Really smart. Lawn-mowing is a conversation, and if you cut lawns, you want to be part of the lawn-mowing conversation.

Expecting more such profiles from you, Antiblog. And thanks Steve.

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