Subscribing to Zoho Calendar on iPhone/iPad

Earlier this month Zoho Calendar stepped out of Beta adding several new features including Calendar subscription. This means you can now view your calendar events in native clients. 

We received several requests for viewing calendar events on iPhone. Zoho Calendar can be accessed through your mobile browser @ (or But if you want to view your events on the native Calendar application, follow these instructions.

First, you need to enable Remote URL for the Calendar you want to access on you mobile device. To do this, go to your Calendar Settings > My Calendar, choose the Details option of the Calendar you want to view. Choose the 'Sharing' tab and check the option 'Enable private address for this calendar'. Choosing the iCal URL will allow you to copy the private URL for your calendar. Once you copied the private URL, transfer this to your iPhone/iPad (email it to yourself) and copy the URL on your iPhone.

Do not publish this URL anywhere. Doing so will expose your calendar information. If you did this my mistake, the 'Reset' option will regenerate the URLs (making the previous ones invalid).

On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings App, choose 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and choose 'Add Account'. Tap with

the 'Other' option and choose 'Add Subscribed Calendar' option.


In the next screen, paste the URL from Zoho Calendar and choose the 'Next' option.


This will validate the URL and will allow you to name your calendar. Choose the 'Done' option to confirm your settings.

You should be all set. Your native Calendar application you display your events from Zoho Calendar.

5 Replies to Subscribing to Zoho Calendar on iPhone/iPad

  1. Hi, I want to import a group calendar in my iPhone but I cannot have a URL for a group calendar. Does it exist another method or it's just not available? Thank You Mathieu

  2. 4 years ago you came out of beta for the iPhone, what about android? An app for android is definitely needed. Zoho calendar is too difficult to use on a phone's web browser. Anything in production?

  3. How can I set up the calendar in a way that allows me to add entries to my soho calendar directly on my iPhone? It seems that "subscribing" to my caledar only lets me view already added appointments but not add new ones...? Please advise. Thanks, Kasper

  4. HI, So did I; by the way, if I add a meeting from my iPhone, I can see it from my iPhone Calendar only, but it never sinc with my Zoho Calendar. So, if I open my Zoho Calendar from my pc browser, I DO NOT SEE meetings I previously added from my iPhone

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