Making Your Enterprise Wikis Secure – Zoho Wiki offers Three Tier Permissions

Wikis have come a long way from being just another tool for information aggregation. They are now widely used for online content sharing and collaboration at multiple levels. One of the biggest concern for people who opt for Wikis inside their organization is Security. Companies strictly adhere to privacy policies and would like their data to be highly confidential.

SMBs who look out for quality wiki software had to settle between free wiki sites that didn’t have enterprise level security or choose expensive alternatives in the market. Zoho Wiki would be the ideal bet in such a scenario. If you want to use an easily affordable enterprise wiki for your company, look no further.

Fine grained Access Controls with Zoho Wiki

Wiki has a three tiered architecture: Wiki -> Workspaces ->
Pages. Within your wiki, you can categorize your content into
independent and fully customizable Workspaces. So, in a business
organization, it is easy to create independent workspaces for each team
and more importantly, each team has its own security controls.

Zoho Wiki Permissions

Zoho Wiki enables you to
have certain confidential project plans as private, share few product design pages alone with a
particular team (Group Sharing)
or publish common company documents to everyone in the organization (organization wide sharing). Being
online, Zoho Wiki removes the firewall constraints and makes it easier
to share and collaborate securely with third parties like clients,
partners and vendors. You can easily build a secure Company Extranet.

see how we can go about making a wiki secure in just a few steps

A. Adding Users to a Wiki:

adding users, you have the option to categorize them as
individual users, group users, organization users, domain users (wiki
content will be shared by users of a particular domain) or Zoho
Registered users (instead of allowing
anonymous guest viewers, this will facilitate valid users to access
the pages) .

B. Setting Granular

The users can then be assigned separate
permissions for viewing, editing, commenting, deleting and creating
pages. This gives more control to the administrator to decide on who can
edit content,
who can view pages, who can post comments etc.

User Permissions

C. Secure Access

By enabling ‘only HTTPS‘ option,
secure access can be guaranteed.

D. Permission Inheritance

  • You can allow default
    permission inheritance, i.e the pages and workspaces
    can inherit the wiki permission itself or
  • you have the
    flexibility to define permissions for wiki, workspaces and the pages
    separately. For example, the wiki by itself can be shared with the
    entire company but finance workspace alone can be private.

So, go
ahead and try & see how helpful Zoho Wiki can be for your business


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