Robert Scoble in conversation with Sridhar Vembu & Raju Vegesna

Microsoft previewing its Office Web Apps (which are to be released in 2010) is news now. And we have some good hands-on reviews like this one.

Robert Scoble interviewed our CEO Sridhar Vembu recently and the 'Microsoft Office coming to the web' news prominently figured in the discussion. Sridhar talks about how Microsoft (who till a year ago were reluctant to admit the web based versions) now announcing their intentions validates the market. He further speaks about how the web-based apps offer productivity gains and at the same time costing less, how email and the office suite are becoming commodities and how they need to be integrated with systems like CRM & your workflow to give you real value etc. View the interview in full:

In a separate interview, Scoble and our Evangelist Raju Vegesna explore various ways a SMB can use Zoho. Raju offers many tips that businesses can take advantage of when using the diversified yet increasingly-being-unified Zoho suite apps.

Thanks to Robert Scoble & the Building43 team for the thought provoking conversation and Rackspace for sponsoring the interview.


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