New user registration is painful!

Today is a very happy day for us. We have released one more service Zoho Planner ( ). Zoho Planner is an online organizer to maintain to-dos, notes, files, images & share both privately & publicly.

After releasing Zoho Planner, I called up my friend & asked him to try this. Immediately after trying, he told me that he hates to sign up ( register ) while trying new services. I immediately asked him whether he need Demo login to try like in Zoho Writer ( with a warning that, with demo login, whatever he creates will become public i.e. everyone can see & edit your documents ).

He expects login without registration + private space. Cookie based login is a solution but if cookie is refreshed or you want to access from somewhere else, then your data is gone.

We are thinking of a way to give user sign up without registration + private space. Let’s see how successful we are in this experiment. We will keep you updated on the progress.

We welcome your ideas for implementing this.


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