New in Zoho Sheet: Insert Buttons, XLSX Support, Time Zone Preference

Zoho Sheet underwent an update last week with some cool functionality. Here are the new features in this update:

  1. Insert Button:

    Buttons which trigger VBA macros can now be inserted into your spreadsheets in Zoho. This opens up a lot of possibilities to create spreadsheet based applications. We would love to see what kind of spreadsheets you create using this. Here is a simple BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator with buttons embedded below. Just fill in your details and hit the calculate button.

    To insert a button, look for "Insert Button" under the Insert icon (plus icon) on the

    toolbar. You can then assign an existing macro to it or assign a new one by

    writing a VBA macro or by just recording a macro.

  2. Full XLSX Support:

    Earlier we supported import of xlsx files (Microsoft Excel's file format since 2007). Now we support export to xlsx as well. Our APIs too support this new format.

  3. Time Zone Preference:

    We now respect your time zone preference and display the date and time accordingly. TODAY() and NOW() functions will give out the date/time based on your time zone setting. You can set your timezone preference by clicking on "Account Settings > My Account" link available on the top bar. You can also visit and set your preferences which will be used across the various Zoho services.

Apart from the above, there are some enhancements and bug fixes as well. Refer our What's New page for more information.

PS: Zoho Sheet is now on Twitter. Follow us @zohosheet.


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