New: Format your slides using Grids, Guides & Zoom options in Zoho Show

How much time do you spend centering images in your presentation or making sure the text objects are aligned well to the top? If you are conscious about these subtle alignments, you'll probably like our new features in

Zoho Show.

A new 'Grids & Guides' button is added in Zoho Show () which brings up the dialog to enable these options. You will also notice this option on right click.

Enabling Grids displays a layer of grids on your slides to help you align your objects precisely. You can also enable 'Snap To' options to snap objects to the closest grids/guides.

The guides can be moved around by simply dragging them to the desired position. Changes to the guides are remembered for the user no matter which presentation is open.

If you still don't like the alignment precision, we also added the Zoom options. Right click on any slide, you'll notice Zoom In, Zoom Out and Fit to Width options. These zoom options can be used in combination

with Grids and Guides options for precise adjustments.

Additional formatting options were also added to provide better control. You can now go to the properties of any object (on right click) and choose to precisely position objects horizontally or vertically. You can select an image for example and use the keyboard shortcut 'CTRL+M' to align the image to the center of the slide.

We hope you'll like these enhanced formatting options. There are additional goodies coming in Zoho Show. Meanwhile, please provide your feedback on these new features.


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