Come 2012 – Make The Switch To Zoho Books

Ever since we launched Zoho Books in the first quarter of 2011, there have
been numerous requests from our customers to help them move their accounting data from their existing system to Zoho Books. We are on the threshold of a brand new year and 
there is no better time to leave your old accounting software behind and move to Zoho Books. We have worked hard to make the switch over as simple as possible regardless of your current accounting system – be it QuickBooks or even Microsoft Excel.

To switch to Zoho Books all that is to be done is to choose an appropriate
migration date, note the account balances in your current system as of the migration date( i.e. run a trial balance report in accountant speak) and enter the balances in Zoho Books. This would ensure that all your financial reports like balance
sheet and profit & loss statement display the same figures as your
accounting system.

Once this is done, you can import your open transactions like unpaid invoices and bills into Zoho Books. If you buy or sell goods in foreign currencies, the migration process handles the transfer of foreign
currency account balances as well. 

We have come with a step by step guide to help our users migrate to Zoho Books. If you are a QuickBooks desktop user, we have a specific migration guide for you.

Come 2012, we are sure that you will start using our intuitive accounting program and enjoy doing your accounting. Wishing you all a merry X-mas and happy new year in advance!

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