Serve customers faster with Social CRM

The biggest growth area for CRM is in the SMB space, said Marshall Lager, Managing Principal of Third Idea Consulting. At the CRM Evolution Conference in New York City, we spoke about SMBs and CRM and what are the hottest integration points for CRM.

The lack of SMBs using CRM in the past isn’t the fault of hesitation, said Lager, but rather SMBs not being aware of what they can get out of CRM. When SMBs do discover CRM, often through colleagues or just tracking their industry, they utilize it like mad, Lager said.

As for what people are integrating with CRM, Lager said the hot area is social which is the ability to connect the social sphere to your business’ workflow. Social CRM is attractive for its immediacy. The faster you can trigger workflow to customer needs, the better you’re going to serve customers and keep them, Lager said.

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