Live Demo - Test your PC for attending Online Meetings

As you all know Zoho Meeting is a conferencing software for conducting

unlimited online meetings, web conferences and remote support. Have you ever wondered how all your participants will test their system for requirement to join online meeting? We have a solution now ! Use our Live Demo. Simply request all your participants to perform an instant check by joining our live demo before they join your online meeting. You can eliminate the last minute tension and ensure smooth conducting of your online meeting. Click the button below to join the demo.

Let us see the advantages of Live Demo:

  • Participants can test drive our online meeting from anywhere and anytime.
  • You can preview how your customer will join your online meetings.
  • Participants can view the demo in any operating system as we now support Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • You can request participants to test the types of viewers (Flash, Java, Active X) best suited to join online meetings.

What we have actually done is created and started an online meeting in one of our office computers and embedded the online meeting in a live demo webpage (Also, this is a classic example of embed meeting feature using which you can embed online meetings in your webpage). You can visit the live demo, enter your name and join the online meeting.

Now, you will see our office desktop instantaneously through default Flash player. Also, you can click on “presentation sharing” to view the presentation alone.

Here you have an easy option to choose your viewer from Flash, Java and Active X. To learn more about the viewer and the minimum system requirement for joining the demo, visit Multiple Meeting Viewers.

You can also chat with our team once you joined the live demo. The live demo runs 24x7, which gives you the flexibility to join an online meeting at your convenient time. In addition, if you want a personalized demo, you can contact +1-888-900-9646 or provide contact details here.

In the personalized demo, you will learn

  • Create and start online meeting
  • Join online meeting
  • Start remote session
  • Join remote session
  • Features of Zoho online meeting

Overall, you will see how Zoho Meeting is an easy and good performance online meeting solution.

Do join the live demo and provide your valuable feedback here or you can also contact us through our web form.


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