New Editor Options and More in Zoho CRM

Struggling to create a perfect email template? Then, here is your answer – Zoho CRM now has a new WYSIWYG Editor for templates! Creating email templates was a little complex earlier as you had to manually type in the HTML code to insert images and could only insert images that were hosted online in a web server.

Now, if you visit the various templates in Zoho CRM, you will find a difference. Earlier, you had few editing options that you could use to create a template. With the recent improvements on that front, adding images/logos to your email templates is made easy with the WYSIWYG Editor.

  • You no longer need to edit the HTML code of the template to add the images.
  • You can even insert images from your desktop, the images need not necessarily be the one hosted on web.
  • You also have the option to insert tables easily.

The new Editor makes editing and formatting a lot simpler. Apart from this, there is yet another important feature, the Zoho Mail Add-on Users, that we have released. It is the feature that helps you to take a backup of the email accounts of the deactivated users with Record-Level Sharing and Complete Sharing Account Types.

When a user’s account is deactivated, all the email conversations the user had with the customers, are lost. To avoid such a problem, you now have the option to store the deactivated user’s emails within Zoho CRM using the Zoho Mail Add-on Users feature. For more information about this feature, refer our Online Help.

Please try the new features and let us know your feedback. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Pavitra J.


3 Replies to New Editor Options and More in Zoho CRM

  1. Excelente, es algo que hacia mucha falta para mejorar el aspecto de los correos a clientes y prospectos.
    Además lo hace más simple.Enhorabuena!

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