F.A.Q on Leetspeak

The formal style of introducing "Leetspeak" to the readers of this blog is boring, I think. You know, "We have a new category of Zoho blog titled Leetspeak," and so forth. I've compiled a FAQ list instead, for beginners, new visitors and some totally clueless folks too.

(1) Who are you?

That is a fundamental question of existence. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to it. So next question, please.

(2) So the number 42 is not the answer to the "Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe and Everything"?

I don't think so. No matter what "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" suggests.

(3) Ok, for clarity's sake, who is writing? Is it a spam generator or a human?

It's definitely a human with a decent vocabulary, and so I'll pass your word verification tests. Does that comfort you?

(4) That's a relief. So what does "Leetspeak" mean?

Leetspeak can be split into two very distinct words - "Leet" and "Speak". Leet is the form of English that became popular after the internet usage increased dramatically. I hope you have seen people using "thanx", "u" and "ppl" while chatting. Leet refers to those (and more) words.

(5) I thought "Leet" was an insect.

Oh, I get it now. The problem lies with the pronunciation. It's pronounced as 'L' "Eat" or as you pronounce "Elite". If you are an insect species researcher, I'll be glad if you name a new species of insect as Leet, though.

(6) So am I going to see squeamish all over this blog?

Didn't I tell you that I was a human? Let me re-iterate, I'm a human who recognizes proper words, not random alphanumeric characters. So you will see sane, sensible, comprehensible sentences here.

(7) By squeamish, I meant, random computer related stuff which doesn't make any sense to me. You know, geek stuff.

Um..., there will be mostly "computer related" posts, but no geek stuff. I promise. If there is, then you can leave a comment, which reads "no soup for you".

(8) So what can I see here?

You'll see, what you'll see :)

(9) Are you going to answer atleast one question straight?

Yeah, sure.

(10) Are the rest of the posts will be like this, too?

Probably not. Was that straight enough?


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