Discipline your customer strategy with a financially directed approach

Many people believe that customer service is based on common
sense. And while that may be true, it’s not the basis for forming, or more
importantly, growing a business based on delivering customer excellence. What
would it mean to your business’ bottom line if you could deliver an excellent
customer experience? If you could actually calculate that, then you would have
the financial motivation to deliver top-tier customer service, explains Lior Arussy of the

Strativity Group


The reason many organizations don’t deliver “Customer Experience 2.0,” Arussy explains, is because they believe they’re already
doing an adequate job. Their attitude may be, ‘Our customers are already buying from
us, why should we change?’

Arussy refers to that attitude as the “Return on
Nothing.” Specifically, there is a cost to not delivering excellent customer service.
Look at the delta between how much you currently charge and what you can
charge: that’s the amount you’re losing by not delivering a great customer

“Go beyond the parity line to the unexpected,” said Arussy.
You can’t simply ask customers what will surprise them, so you need to understand the entire ecosystem and their pain
points. With that knowledge you can best address their concerns and deliver top quality customer experience, each and every time.

Watch the video to learn more from Arussy on maximizing your customer experience.

And tell us about your customer service strategy. What works best for you?

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