Coronavirus Update

Update, March 6: As Zoho and rest of the world embraces remote work policies, we have decided to share our remote work toolkit, Remotely. This is a suite of communication, productivity, and collaboration software tools that we are offering free of cost until July 1, 2020. Please visit Remotely to start using your own edition.

This post provides an update on how Zoho is adapting to the outbreak of the coronavirus and how this might impact your interaction with us. We will continue to update this post, as the situation evolves.

Given the increasing global infection rates of the coronavirus (Covid-19), we have changed some of our work policies to first prioritize the safety of our employees, their families, and all our customers and business associates.

Working from Home Policy

As of March 4, we have adopted Work From Home as the default policy for all our offices worldwide as a matter of precaution, although we have had no known cases of infection. Our employees are encouraged to come to our offices, only when absolutely necessary. We will retain this policy until the threat of the virus has passed, or has reduced substantially.

Zoho Software and Services to Continue Uninterrupted

At this stage, we do not anticipate any change to Zoho services in any geographic region. Customers should expect to receive the same level of services as before. Should there be any changes due to unforeseen circumstances, please check back on this post for an update.

Customer Support to Continue Uninterrupted

Our customer support teams have been set up to address and resolve customer issues, working remotely. We had been planning this for a few weeks prior and expect things to work reasonably well. All our customer staff are still serving customers, but from home. Over time, some customers may see some degradation in customer support and this could due to slower connections, or ISP home broadband services that may start to choke as more and more businesses around the globe start to work from home. All your usual channels to reach us — phone, web, and chat — will remain open.

Zoholics Austin Cancelled, Others being Monitored

Zoholics 2020, our biggest annual customer event, set up for April 28-30 in Austin, TX has been cancelled. Our global Inspire partner event, set for April 27 has also been cancelled.

We have also cancelled all Zoho events, globally, for the month of March. This includes Zoholics in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. If you have purchased a ticket for any of our cancelled events, we will refund your entire purchase. We will also refund any paid sponsorships by partners and other participating vendors.

No decision has yet been made on regional Zoholics and other Zoho events for the month of May and beyond. We will continue to evaluate these decisions by the day and update you quickly.

We are currently exploring online event options and will update this post as soon as we have fixed up events and dates.

We hope this virus will be contained soon and that life resumes normally for all of us. As always, we thank you all for your business with Zoho and will do everything we can to ensure that your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption. Please stay safe and we wish you and your families the best.


24 Replies to Coronavirus Update

  1. Thank you for sharing and being pro-active. I think many of us wonder what we should do and agree it is probably best to err on the side of caution.

  2. Good thing you have done to protect the staff. Ask them to remain protected at home too. Ultimately it is: " Jaan hain to Jahan hain". Ensure that client problems are solved as usual giving it priority too.

  3. Hopefully the Zoholics and Inspire events in Sydney in May will go ahead as planned. We have invested in non-refundable flights and accommodation for two people to attend!

  4. Thank you for the update. Will Zoholic's be rescheduled for 2020 .. or will it push to 2021? My Zoholic ticket was complementary .. please reply to let me know that my ticket will carry forward to the the next Austin Zoholics. Stay safe! Thank you

  5. It's great to see you guys can run and manage the business from outside the office space, it's a strong indicator from the team of their commitment. All the best, stay safe.

  6. Thanks Vijay. It is a good decision to take care of everyone in this ecosystem. I hope you find a way to make a complete event hosted in the clourd to take it virtualy. Who knows, maybe the next feature for Zoho Backstage will be: "Full Vitual Reality Events"

  7. Any chance Zoho is going to help offset non-refundable travel expenses that attendees have already incurred? Please advise...

  8. Thank you for the information. Lately I've been trying to follow as much information available on the internet as possible. It's new so there's are confusions about the solutions or keeping the virus at bay. However I came across a nice video by WHO about the basics such as how to wash hands properly to wash away any aggressive foreign element on the skin. I hope someone finds the solution soon

  9. I really appreciate your care on your employees.because we all know employees are the backbone of every companies.I really happy to welcome this one with kudos...

  10. I tip my hat to Zoho leadership for taking these outstanding safety measures. It’s a true reflection of caring.

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