Bringing the macOS Big Sur experience to your Zoho apps

Starting with news of the iconic Mac startup chime making a comeback, Apple took the wraps off its newest update macOS 11, called macOS Big Sur. What got everyone talking is the major redesign bringing consistency across Apple's product lines.

Adding some much-needed updates to Safari and iMessage, Big Sur also revamped the notification center to make it better organized by allowing grouping. The customizable, more translucent menu bar with the control center shortcut and the spacious full-height sidebars with instant access to more actions–gives the new OS a truly clean look. The widgets from iOS 14 are also making their debut in Big Sur.

Now that the version is released, we're sure you're excited to get a test-drive of the macOS Big Sur experience. To ensure your business runs smoothly while you enjoy these updates, we've embraced these macOS changes and are hard at work to optimize your favorite Zoho apps to bring you these updates and some new features.

Let's take a quick look at eight Zoho apps that are macOS Big Sur ready for you.

Zoho macOS Big Sur

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Apple's emphasis on a more consistent look and feel for Big Sur inspired us to design an entirely new, Big Sur-exclusive Bigin app from scratch. This app is a new addition to our range of CRM offerings and is meant to give you a native and seamless experience on MacBooks and iMacs.

Keeping your productivity in mind, Bigin now offers a wide range of actions on the sidebar. From managing contacts and handling deals to tracking activities—everything is just a click away. We are also introducing widgets to help you stay on top of all the latest updates, including calls, tasks, or events.

While we were at it, we also added some much-needed keyboard shortcuts to streamline your work process, as well as a touch bar, menu bar, and printer support. Bigin is now ready to help you make maximum gains with minimal effort. Take a look at the new Bigin app here.

Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Inventory

Our apps from the Finance suite—Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Inventory—are set to offer the same refreshing experience with segmented control, checkboxes, table views, and system buttons optimally positioned for macOS Big Sur.

This optimization means you can now experience native resolution without scaling and get easier access to your business actions with pull-down menus and new sidebar options.

Another Big Sur update that caught our attention was the new icons and text fields. To complement these updates, Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory now offer you a better experience with clean, native font sizes and bordered text fields in both the apps.

Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Inventory widgets are now ready to make their way to your notification center so you can keep a tab of all your information ready at a glance. Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice users can add widgets to track overdue invoices, total receivables, and a timer to track working hours, while Zoho Inventory users can use them to track sales activities, sales order summaries, low stock items, and invoice lists. Zoho Expense users get widgets to instantly create expenses and reports, fetch trip details, and set reminders about pending transactions from Zia.

And that's not all: the new date picker and controlled access to your photos with the new photo picker will help you complete your business operations faster. Curious to see how it works?

Zoho Notebook

To stay in tune with macOS Big Sur updates, we optimized Zoho Notebook to offer a new, clean UI for Safari extension with additional options like reader view, flexible screenshots, easy drag and drop action, and a quick way to create a reminder for a note.

With Zoho Notebook's widgets, you can now pin a note as a widget or get instant access to controls like creating and viewing notes straight from your desktop. Zoho Notebook's Continuity Camera allows you to sketch, scan, and take pictures on your phone and view or edit them in your Mac app without having to transfer. The Core ML camera gives you the power to convert tables to an editable format. Try out the new Zoho Notebook here.

Zoho Doc Scanner

Just as with the previous apps, we've tailored Zoho Doc Scanner for macOS Big Sur with a redesigned date picker and widgets that enable you to pin documents, view recent documents, quickly initiate search command for a document scanned earlier, or to scan a new document. You can also scan and insert editable data tables in minutes.

To help you effortlessly organize your documents, Zoho Doc Scanner is equipped with capabilities to classify your photos as documents, business cards, or receipts. Furthermore, you get accurate auto-tag suggestions for your documents. Want to see how it works? Here's a short video on the Zoho Doc Scanner updates. You can try Zoho Doc Scanner here.

Zoho Sign

To make the most of Zoho Sign while enjoying the Big Sur experience, you'll now get a new and refreshing UI that gives you enhanced menus and an updated sidebar. Not just that, you can pick a photo or date more easily with the new options.

If you need to actively keep track of documents, we've made it quicker with widgets to help you view, sign, and send documents right from your desktop. You can also add a signer field for stamp/seal that allows signers to upload a digital copy of their company or authority stamp and define validation for text field inputs. Take a look at the updated app here.

There are a lot more changes and innovations happening under the hood here at Zoho, and just like always, we'll keep you updated about exciting news and developments. Until then, if you're moving to macOS Big Sur, make sure you try out the new features on these Zoho apps.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about these latest updates! Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments below.


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