Boost customer relations at our upcoming Zoho One seminar.

Every sale is different: some are made quick and easy, while other deals take a whole lot more. No matter what type of sale you’ve made or what type of process you follow, there’s usually a lot of work to be done in the back end and because of this, it’s critical that your sales software helps you sell better and quicker. The truth is, even if you have the best sales team, it’s not enough if you don’t have the right applications to enable success. And on top of that, you’d probably rather have your sales team working on what they do best instead of tedious busy work.

That’s why we’re inviting all salespeople and business owners to our free upcoming seminars this January, February, and March, where we’ll be discussing how Zoho One can help you sell exceptionally and efficiently (click here for more information). And since Zoho makes integrations easy both within and outside the Zoho One suite, you can save time spent working on costly integrations and using third-party tools like Zapier and Cloudwork.

At our seminar, you’ll learn how to optimize your customer relationships with Zoho CRM, which helps you reach out to prospects at the optimal time and engage with them on every channel. Our CRM can help you prioritize emails by your sales pipeline, segment your customers by custom criteria, and increase conversions by mapping and enforcing your sales and organizational processes. And because Zoho CRM is so well integrated, it will also serve as a central hub to manage all customer interactions—from social media, to email campaigns, to website visits, to finances, and more, CRM will carry all that information in one place. Zia, CRM’s conversational AI, can help you automate processes, leverage your sales resources, and increase leads and sales. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Whether it was a stressful day, you didn’t get your coffee, or you just forgot, we all make mistakes sometimes—we’re only human. At our seminar, we’ll discuss how utilizing an app like Zoho SalesInbox, the only email client built exclusively for salespeople, can save you from dropping the ball. SalesInbox makes selling a breeze by automatically prioritizing and organizing your emails according to the deals that matter most to you and sends you alerts for follow-up activities. We’ll also discuss Zoho Sales IQ; which allows you to live chat with your website visitors and provide live customer support, all while helping you track ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords, and email marketing efforts. With these apps in your toolbox, following up on leads and customers can be a whole lot easier.

But what if you already use Zoho tools, why should you attend? The good news is that these seminars are still a great opportunity to learn more about other Zoho apps that can help you elevate your business. What are you using for marketing, support, accounting, collaboration, and HR? Zoho One includes efficient and comprehensive apps with enterprise-level storage for all of these areas of business. From Zoho Campaigns, Desk, and Books, to People, Creator, Cliq, and more, we’ll be discussing how you can use all of these apps to help your business run smoother.

So what’s the downside? There’s none, except that spots are filling up quick and we want to promise you a seat for a full (and free!) day of learning more about the Zoho One suite. So make it easy on yourself and click here to register and pick your ideal location to attend. We’ll cover the rest with the food, drinks, and caffeine to get you through a busy day of learning and fun. Meeting your sales goals is just a seminar away.

Register now for our upcoming seminar.

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