Zoho PageSense: Introducing Tagging in Session Recording

We’re happy to introduce Tags—PageSense's latest Session Recording feature. With Tags, you can analyze recordings instantly and save the time and effort that goes into reviewing individual recordings. Now you can focus on learning about your visitors' behavior and making data-driven decisions that increase conversion rates.

Bottlenecks in analyzing your recordings

Regardless of how targeted your audience segment is, you're bound to run into at least one of these bottlenecks when you start analyzing recordings:

Reviewing numerous recordings- Even for low-traffic websites, you can have thousands of recordings. It can be quite challenging to work your way through each one and identify the pain points that prevent visitors from having the best possible experience on your website.

Identifying the correct segment- Suppose you want to view all the recordings for a specific use case, but this use case still has thousands of recordings. Say you run a B2B business and you want to view the recordings of visitors who don't convert to leads. Now you’re stuck searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s not an impossible task, but still quite painstaking.

With our new Tags feature, analyzing multiple session recordings is a far simpler and more efficient process. Think of these tags like the ones you find on Twitter—they filter similar ideas. In our case, they are filtering visitor behaviors.

Adding Tags in Session Recording in PageSense

Manual tagging

You can tag videos manually during playback to note specific visitor behaviors. Add as many tags as you want in the Tags section of the session recording player.


You can use our two-line JavaScript code to automatically tag a visitor's session while it's being recorded. This is great for tagging a predefined visitor behavior and drastically reduces the time it takes to go through every recording to add tags.

For example, you could automatically tag visitors who have attempted to sign in but failed, faced a transaction failure or encountered a CSS breakage on your website. You can then filter recordings based on their tagged behaviors and analyze the visitor's user experience.

Filter recordings using tags

Creating a filter using tags—combined with other segmentation options, such as goals achieved and geographical location—will give you a list of highly targeted recordings. Insights gained from these recordings are valuable when figuring out how to improve your website’s user experience.

We're actively working on adding several more exciting enhancements to Session Recording. Stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write to us at support@zohopagesense.com.


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