Announcing Zoho Docs - Google Chromebook integration

When Google launched the Cr-48 Chrome notebooks, they invited Zoho to be a part of its pilot program. We even gave away Cr-48 notebooks to some of you. We do hope that you have been putting your Cr-48s to good use and have been getting the most out of cloud computing 🙂

Today, the first commercial Chromebooks have started shipping in the U.S. Those of you who missed out on the pilot program can get your own Chromebook now.

Here’s how Zoho is a part of this launch. If you had followed the Day 2 Keynote at Google I/O you might have noticed that Google’s Chrome operating system now includes some major updates and newer features. The most notable among them is the addition of a file manager. The file manager is a very simple one and looks a lot like the file manager systems in Windows or Mac.

We’ve come up with a Chrome extension, that allows users to upload and view their documents in Zoho Docs. This applies not only to the downloaded files, but users can also upload files from their pen drives to Zoho Docs. As you know, we do let users login to Zoho with your Google credentials which means you try this extension with your Google credentials.

You can learn more about this extension from this page. As always we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve any questions please post it here. We’re all ears!

Thanks to Google team for their wonderful API and documentation which has made this extension possible!!


4 Replies to Announcing Zoho Docs - Google Chromebook integration

  1. My startup has just started using Zoho for all our centralized documents, meetings, scheduling and emails. We have a fair amount of "contracted" programmers, server admins, etc. Is there any continuing program for the Google Chrome laptops? I need a few for our contractors.Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Does this mean that an offline solution is going to be coming in the near future?I know that Google dumped Gears and that the Zoho offline solutions in development were based on Gears.How will Zoho be handling the offline requirements and how soon will we see the Zoho solution?

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