Fine-tune your forms to boost your event attendance.

First impressions of your event start, well, at the beginning. Your registration form is the first interaction a prospective attendee has with your event, and it can go a long way in attracting people to your event.

A great event needs a great form. Here's how you can ace your forms to give you an edge with first impressions.

Boost your event attendance

Automation is key.

Why go through tons of registration forms manually when you can automate the process instead? Use Zoho Forms to automate your administrative tasks and you wouldn't have to worry about paperwork, overbooking your event, losing data, or payment processing again. By doing so, you can spend time working on what is actually important - tending to your respondents.

The respondent is king.

Keep things simple for your respondent and yourself. Drive event attendance by creating concise forms your respondents can fill out with very little effort or thought. Do this by asking questions that are absolutely necessary. Zoho Forms helps you build such forms with ease thanks to its simple drag-and-drop user interface.

It is all about personalization.

It is always nice to find things personalized to fit our needs. Tailor your form for each attendee according to their response to obtain only the necessary and relevant information from them.

Let's say you are managing a two-day event that requires attendees to register for specific sessions. The ''rules'' feature can be used to show the sessions available based on the selected day. You can see this in action by accessing this form.

Of course, appearances matter.

Respondents are more likely to hit that submit button if your form is aesthetically appealing. Create forms that best represent your enterprise, forms that help sell your event. Zoho Forms provides a myriad of themes to choose from. You can use an existing theme or the editing options provided to customize it according to your choice and preference.

Get the word out.

After having put so much thought into your event registration form, it would be a shame if it doesn't reach your prospective attendees. Experiment with different ways to promote your event. A poster is more intriguing than a post. So, try using a QR code to reach your audience offline as well. Zoho Forms can help you achieve this by generating a QR code for your form. Insert it in your poster and you're all good to go.

So, go ahead and create that perfect form for your event. Let me know how it worked out in the comments below.


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