Beyond data collection: Exploring the uses for online forms - Part II (Approvals)

In the first part of this blog series, we explored how Zoho Forms can transform your payment processes with seamless transactions and customized payment experiences. And that was just the tip of the iceberg! So, what else can online forms do for your business?

If you work in a fast-paced organization, what is that one prevalent process that cuts across various departments? 
Whatever be your answer, multiple approval processes are likely an integral part of your daily routine. From leave applications and purchase requests to project proposals and expense reimbursements, approval requests can be tedious and time-consuming to manage. Hours spent chasing down approvers, sifting through paperwork, and working to maintain transparency can hinder productivity and impact overall efficiency of your business.

In this post, we'll dive into the world of approvals and discover how Zoho Forms can transform your approval workflows, saving time, improving collaboration, and boosting productivity.

Automate approvals effortlessly 

An approval workflow is like a road map that guides a request from start to finish, making sure all the right people review it and give the green light. Before delving into the specific benefits of using Zoho Forms to streamline approval processes, let's take a quick moment to explore the first steps for a smooth transition towards efficient and streamlined approvals.

 Identify the approval processes in your organization that involve multiple stages. These are the ones that can benefit most from automation.

 Examine the specific criteria and requirements of each approval process and ensure the automated system can comply with your organization's policies and procedures.

 Choose an online form builder with powerful automation capabilities that helps you easily design and implement approval workflows.
Explore the key considerations for selecting the ideal form builder.

 Craft approval forms that capture all the necessary information for each process.

 Map out a sequence of approvers for each stage of the process.

 Keep approvers and requestors in the loop by sending progress notifications.

Remember that approval automation is an iterative process, so you will have to continuously evaluate and refine your workflows to optimize efficiency and address any needs that arise. With the right approach and tools, you'll be well on your way to transforming manual approval management into a streamlined and automated experience.

Check out a few use cases to learn how you can implement automated approvals to improve your daily operations.

How does Zoho Forms help streamline your approval workflows? 

Zoho Forms provides you with an automated and efficient way to streamline all your approval processes with customized approval forms tailored to your needs. Let's take the purchase request approval process, for instance. Instead of dealing with stacks of paper forms or long email threads, you can design an intuitive online form that captures necessary purchasing information, such as product details, quantities, budgets, and justifications. Once a form is submitted, the approval process initiates.

With Zoho Forms, you can set up automated approval workflows to route requests to relevant department heads in your organization. This ensures the right people receive requests, eliminating bottlenecks and speeding up approvals. Zoho Forms offers a range of features and functionalities to streamline your approval processes:

  • Create approval workflows with zero coding knowledge.

  • Configure multiple levels of approval with designated approvers from your organization.

  • Notify approvers when new form entries are received for review.

  • Get real-time updates straight to your inbox at every stage of the approval process.

  • Let Microsoft 365 users approve or deny a request directly from their Outlook email accounts. You can also send approval notifications to the Microsoft Teams channel in your Zoho Forms app with actionable cards to approve or deny the request.

  • Send personalized emails to requestors at each stage of approval and upon final approval or denial.

  • Let approvers provide a reason for their decision for other approvers to consider.

  • Facilitate collaboration amongst approvers by enabling comments and discussions.

  • Empower the approval admin to approve or deny requests on behalf of other approvers.

  • Send an email or SMS message, or assign a task, when a defined set of conditions are met upon final approval or denial. For instance, if an expense request exceeding a certain amount is approved, you can trigger an email to the concerned managers, ensuring they are aware of significant expenses that need their attention.

  • Process form integrations upon approval of form entries.

  • Set up workflow approvals whether you're online or offline using the Zoho Forms mobile app.

Know how you can manage approval requests from start to finish with Zoho Forms.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork today and expedite your approvals with Zoho Forms. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts in this blog series as we uncover more capabilities of online forms. We're just scratching the surface, and there's so much more to explore. See you soon!


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