Automate mundane and repetitive tasks with Zoho Forms - Part 4

Managers, this one's for you!

As managers, your days are a whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and check-ins to keep the team on track. The weight of a thousand approvals, the never-ending mountain of paperwork—it's enough to make even the most organized leader want to scream. You've got 99 problems, but the paperwork pile shouldn't be one!

How much time do you spend each week dealing with manual paperwork?

  • Less than 1 hour
  • 1–3 hours
  • 3–5 hours
  • More than 5 hours

If you answered anything other than A, then keep reading! You can get tasks to complete themselves, zip approvals through at lightning speed, and analyze data like a pro with our online form builder, Zoho Forms. This isn't just about saving time (although, let's be honest, that's a pretty awesome perk). Zoho Forms can also help you improve accuracy and empower your team by focusing on higher-level projects and strategic initiatives.

Zoho Forms: Your automation ally in the management trenches

We've been throwing around the name Zoho Forms, but what exactly is it?

Zoho Forms is an online form builder that allows users to create customized forms for data collection, process automation, and workflow management. It captures information electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms and endless data entry. It integrates seamlessly with other Zoho applications (like Zoho CRM, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Projects) and various third-party services, making it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes.

Let's now delve into the nitty-gritty of how you, as a manager, can leverage it to conquer your daily challenges.

Managing a large team is an amazing feat, but with a large team comes huge data. Employee records, timesheets—the list goes on! Create sleek and interactive forms for all your data collection activities, and Zoho Forms can trigger automated workflows based on form submissions.

Employee onboarding to your team

You've just hired a fantastic new team member. Now comes the time to welcome them to the team, get them up to speed, and set them on the path to success. Create a user-friendly onboarding form with Zoho Forms that captures all the essential information you need from the new hire upfront. The moment your new hire submits their onboarding form, Zoho Forms can trigger a personalized welcome email that includes essential information like a team introduction and links to your team's training material and knowledge base. Your new hire will feel welcome and informed from day one!

Performance reviews

They're a crucial part of employee development, but let's be honest, managing all the relevant data can be a time-consuming and tedious chore. Create a user-friendly performance review form with Zoho Forms' drag-and-drop form builder that captures all the essential information, from key metrics and feedback areas to employee goals. After you complete this form, Zoho Forms can automatically store all the performance review data conveniently in Zoho Sheet or Google Sheets (thanks to Zoho Forms integrations)!

Project management

Juggling multiple projects, managing deadlines, and keeping your team on track can be a lot to handle through traditional methods. With Zoho Forms, create a centralized task management form that captures all the essential project details upfront, from task descriptions to deadlines, to ensure nothing gets lost in the communication vortex. Team members can fill out the form to pick up tasks. Integrate it with Zoho Projects, and a new task will be automatically created in your project with each form entry along with due dates, task owners, priority, and more.


As a manager, the approval process can consume a lot of your attention. Zoho Forms lets you create user-friendly forms to easily manage all your approval needs, from vacation requests to purchase orders. Set up automated multi-level approvals that route approval requests to you and all the other appropriate people, saving you time and ensuring requests get to the right decision-makers quickly.

Legal Agreements

You've poured your time and energy into a contract, negotiated every detail, and finally reached an agreement. Chasing down physical signatures can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, delaying deals and causing unnecessary headaches. Zoho Forms' integration with Zoho Sign integration gives you a powerful duo that lets you digitize your entire legal agreement workflow.

Create customized forms for all your legal agreements, from HR contracts to sale of goods agreements. Fill in the blanks electronically in the legal documents; no printing or scanning required! Send them for legally binding e-signatures directly from Zoho Forms. Signatories can review and sign the document electronically, from any device.

No more chasing down physical signatures or waiting for the mail!

Planning fun activities

Planning team outings and other fun activities is a great way to boost morale and build stronger connections within your team. However, the process of collecting preferences, dietary restrictions, and RSVPs can be tedious and time-consuming. Create a quick and engaging form to gather information from your team, automate reminder emails, and streamline the entire process. This frees you up to focus on the fun part – planning a memorable team event that everyone will enjoy!

How to implement Zoho Forms in your workplace

  1. Start by identifying which processes in your workplace can benefit from automation.
  2. Use Zoho Forms’ drag-and-drop builder to design your forms. Include all necessary fields and use conditional logic to ensure the forms are user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Integrate your forms with other Zoho applications or third-party tools to create automated workflows.
  4. Define workflows to automate the routing of form submissions, approval processes, and notifications to ensure that the right people are informed and actions are taken promptly.
  5. Deploy them across the workplace and monitor their usage and performance with Zoho Forms’ advanced analytics to gain insights and make further improvements.

Start exploring the automation capabilities of Zoho Forms today to transform your business processes and improve productivity.

Got a specific workplace automation challenge? Let us know in the comments below! We might just feature it in a future blog post and show you how Zoho Forms can help you conquer it.


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