Ten Zoho Cliq capabilities that make your business communication easier

Ten Zoho Cliq capabilities that make your business communication easier

Imagine a busy restaurant kitchen; without proper coordination and communication, it’s pure chaos. The head chef keeps everything running smoothly, just like how effective communication keeps an organization on track. 

Think of your employees as chefs and their tasks as ingredients. Things can quickly turn chaotic without clear communication. That’s where Zoho Cliq steps in, acting like the head chef to boost workplace collaboration. Zoho Cliq is powerful communication and collaboration software that helps keep everyone on the same page, speed up task completion, and enhance teamwork.

Let's dive into the key benefits of Zoho Cliq and how it streamlines business communication, ensuring your organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

Here are a few tips and tricks to follow

According to a study by McKinsey, employees spend nearly 20% of their workweek searching for internal information or tracking down their colleagues for help. Additionally, 86% of employees cite poor collaboration or ineffective communication as major reasons for workplace failures. With communication software like Zoho Cliq, you can streamline communication and:

a. Keep your team aligned

  • Schedule weekly messages: Use message schedulers to plan and send weekly tasks and updates, ensuring your team stays focused and aligned on priorities. This helps keep everyone informed about their responsibilities and deadlines without any hassle.

  • Create engaging polls: Conduct polls to gather valuable insights and promote team participation. Use poll results for key decisions, such as choosing the location for the next team outing or gathering feedback on preferred topics for an upcoming event. Polls not only help you make informed choices but also encourage active involvement from your team members, fostering a sense of inclusion and camaraderie.

  • Enable extensions and receive instant notifications: Keep your team aligned by integrating essential tools and receiving timely notifications. By seamlessly integrating project management, finance, marketing tools, and more, members of your organization can stay informed and connected without the hassle of switching platforms.

b. Manage your time effectively

  • View project updates without switching tabs: No more toggling back and forth between tabs! Integrate your project management software with Zoho Cliq and get all your project updates and statuses without leaving your chat window.

  • Share, grant access, and upload collaterals: Sharing and accessing documents becomes a breeze with the Google Drive integration. Grant access, share files, and upload collaterals directly from Zoho Cliq to save time and effort.

  • Create meetings directly from a message: Schedule meetings in a snap! Use message actions to create meetings directly from your chat window and have them automatically added to your calendar so you never miss an important discussion.

  • Utilize meeting and message summaries: Long discussions? Fret not! Zoho Cliq automatically summarizes meeting and message threads, so you can quickly catch up on the key points without scrolling through endless chats.

c. Boost collaboration

  • Get channel recommendations: Explore new channels effortlessly. You can easily find and join relevant channels for better collaboration and networking with channel recommendations. For instance, when John, a product marketer, joins his organization's marketing channel, he'll get suggestions for related channels like social media and advertising, connecting him with the right teams and individuals.

  • Use the writing assistant: Say goodbye to grammar worries! Zoho Cliq's AI-powered writing assistant checks your tone and eliminates grammar concerns, ensuring your messages are error-free and easy to understand.

  • Break language barriers: Working in a global team often involves language barriers. Zoho Cliq automatically translates messages and ensures that everyone can understand and contribute to discussions. This functionality can also be turned off if not needed.

To put it briefly

Collaboration becomes effortless with Zoho Cliq. You can keep your team on the same page, manage time effectively, and increase productivity. Bid farewell to chaos and say hello to streamlined communication.

Need help setting up Zoho Cliq for your organization? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@zohocliq.com for assistance.


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