Zoho Flow, A Comprehensive Integration Platform for the Cloud, is Now Part of Zoho One

Over a hundred business apps, tons of pre-built automation workflows, endless possibilities for custom integrations—all from just one among the 40 apps. That's what Zoho Flow brings to you, through the Zoho One suite. 

Zoho Flow, our app-integration platform, is now a part of Zoho One. Let's look at what this exciting combination can do for you.

Even More Zoho-Zoho Integrations

Zoho has long promised its users a closely knit suit of apps. Zoho One delivered on this promise at an affordable price, and now Zoho Flow is here to take it even further. With Flow, you can build any number of integrations connecting different apps of the Zoho One suite, without having to write a single line of code. This means, no more settling on existing integrations or wasting resources on developing them in-house. Just drag and drop apps into the Zoho Flow builder and watch them integrate seamlessly.

Zoho-Zoho Integrations on Zoho Flow 

Zoho-Third party integrations

 Zoho Flow hosts over a hundred business applications on its platform, including top third-party apps like Gmail, Slack, and Zendesk. If your business process involves Zoho One and third-party apps, you can now easily automate the entire workflow by connecting them with Flow. For example, you can create a workflow that triggers when a new ticket is added in Zoho Desk, use Flow's logic elements to identify the nature of the ticket, send an automatic update to a specific team on Slack, and ultimately send it either to Bitbucket, if it's a bug, or to Trello, if it's user feedback.

Zoho-Third Party Integrations on Zoho Flow

 Third-party Integrations on Flow

Lastly, Flow helps you make the best of your Zoho One account by giving you the freedom to build integrations outside the Zoho Suite. Make things work for your business, even if no Zoho app is involved. This means, your choice of web apps can keep getting wider, and Zoho will be right there, doing its part to make your business efficient.

Sign into your Zoho Flow account now, and start exploring new ways of automating your business.


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