7 Nifty Tips for the Efficient Marketer

​The alarm shrills, the tap burps, coffee steaming, quick bites, rush hours, jammed elevators, card swipes, inbox full. With a long day ahead, Julia gets plagued with the question, ”Why am I in marketing?” Definitely not to send files back and forth for review or dabble between multiple folders to search for a file.

Fresh into the world of marketing, Julia is very enthusiastic about giving it her creative best. But some hiccups on the way has her worried, which she wishes can be handled better to make her work faster. So, let’s take a sneak peek at one of her typical days at office, and check what she does and wishes for.

Julia Online!

As usual, she takes her daily dose of caffeine and settles down to start the day. She starts scanning her emails, checks for updates on various pending assignments and has many emails that require her immediate attention. But one thing that is really tiring for her is downloading all the attachments she has gotten over the weekend, and collating it in the respective folders.


It’s Meeting time

Finally after setting all the mails she starts on her campaign work, when the computer flashes “Sales meeting in 5 minutes”. Hurriedly, she searches for her notebook and pen to rush to the meeting, but it’s never in place! Borrowing a pen and paper, she reaches the meeting 5 minutes late. She scribbles away all the points discussed in the tiny bit of paper. When she is back from the meeting her boss demands a MOM (Minutes of meeting) with everyone’s comments. Tough time again?


Julia and her reviewers

Being a Marketer, Julia also works on creating content for blogs. She had recently worked on a blog and shared it with her team for comments. And as we speak, her mailbox is getting flooded with comments from the reviewers. Collating the comments for a final copy is a herculean task. Can’t do without a cup of caffeine, she runs to the coffee machine!


To put up a show

Organizing trade shows is a big part of Julia’s job which requires frequent traveling. And all her travelling needs are chalked down in her detailed checklist. First thing on the list is carrying necessary documents. Be it personal or professional trip, Julia always has a lot of documents to carry. She has to either mail them to some email address, take a printout, or carry it in a hard drive.


Catching up with her team

Julia frequently interacts with her product team to see what’s cooking. To keep herself abreast with the latest developments she sends daily reminders to the team, which is time consuming. If only there was an easy solution.


Lost in files and folders

Julia is brainstorming to come up with a tagline for their new campaign, when her boss buzzes in and asks her to send the last five years’ sales report at once. Last five years’ — immediately  — are the only things that ring in her ears. Where does she start?


Time to wrap up

Phew! After that one hour of hide and seek with the files, Julia finally delivers the sales report to her boss. Now working on an upcoming post she looks at the time – it’s time to go home. She has to hurry home, but this needs to be completed too! She decides to rush back to office early the next day and finish the document.


That’s the life of Julia – the Marketer. What she wishes for is something every marketer would love to have. A tool that can help you manage your work better while you focus on important stuff. Zoho Docs is one such application designed to fit your work life seamlessly and ease your day-to-day tasks. Try Zoho Docs today and jumpstart your productivity. Drop us a line and let us know of your success!


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