Zoho Support: Our new addition to Google Apps!

So you've moved your business onto the cloud, subscribed for a Google Apps account and provided your employees the benefits of interacting with customers on the web. But how do you manage the plethora of daily customer e-mails and support tickets? Tracking these discussions (who replies to whom and when) can quickly become a nightmare. 

This is where

Zoho Support comes in. As a full-fledged, web-based help desk service, Zoho Support can ease your process of managing customer needs and add value to all of your hard work! So today, we here at Zoho are excited to announce our latest addition to the Google Apps Marketplace: Zoho Support​​.

The Google Apps and Zoho Support Integration now lets you:

  • Use

    Single sign on

    for users to access Zoho Support directly from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps

  • Add users from Google Apps into Zoho Support

    as support representatives

  • Import contacts from Google Apps

    into Zoho Support as customers

To learn more about these features and more ways to use Zoho Support, check out

Zoho Support for Google Apps.​​

You could also check out the list of all

Zoho services integrated with Google Apps.


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