For smarter sales and happier customers—Introducing Pipedrive for Zoho Desk.

Zoho Desk now integrates with Pipedrive

Zoho Desk now integrates with Pipedrive

The first time your customer service team interacts with a customer is not the first time the customer interacts with your business. There are multiple interactions that the customer has with your sales team during purchasing and onboarding. All of these conversations can provide additional context for you to understand and help your customers.

In our efforts to enable contextual customer service, we decided that the bridge between sales and support isn't just optional but essential—which is why we're happy to introduce Pipedrive for Zoho Desk.

With more context, comes better support

When you receive a ticket from a customer in your contact list, you can see the deals associated with the contact. You'll be able to go through deal information and act on it right away from the Pipedrive widget within the ticket.

Add and check deal sizes from within the ticket window.

You can access contacts, deals, and activities from within the ticket screen. For any questions that you encounter, your agents will be better equipped with context to tackle these questions immediately.

Follow through and close loops faster

In a sales-related support conversation, initiating and coordinating tasks and follow-up activities are time-consuming. Your sales team can access any activities created for a customer within Zoho Desk. If a customer needs help with feature onboarding, your support agent can make a note of that for the sales team to carry forward from within the ticket. Save time communicating about activities and get to working on them right away.

A list of activities to assign and close loops faster for sales and support.

Create more selling opportunities

In certain situations, agents can see that your business can provide solutions for the customer's problems. With the Pipedrive integration, the support team can lend a hand to sales and add deals without leaving the ticket window. Once created, the agent can create tasks for the sales team. The sales team can then access these tasks from within Pipedrive and can work towards closing the new deal.

Add deal information for a certain customer from within the ticket window.

For a thriving business, its teams can never be too close together. Encouraging effective teamwork between sales and support teams improves both. With Pipedrive for Zoho Desk, closing deals and delivering exceptional service can now go hand-in-hand.


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