Launch of Self-service Data Preparation Service – Zoho DataPrep

We are excited to announce the launch of Zoho DataPrep – An advanced self-service data preparation and pipeline service.

Zoho DataPrep

Introducing Zoho DataPrep:

Zoho DataPrep helps organizations prepare data by automatically identifying errors, discovering data patterns, and transforming and enriching data, all without the need for any coding. It also helps in setting up pipelines to sync prepared data to Zoho Analytics, or to data warehouses.

We want to thank all beta users whose valuable feedback helped us improve the product since the beta launch, a few months ago. We have also enhanced the product with lots of more features during the beta to make data preparation even easier and robust. Here are some highlights:

50+ data sources

Apart from the data sources such as files, feeds, local databases, cloud databases, and cloud storage services we already support, we have now added more data sources like Amazon S3 and local databases such as Pervasive SQL, DB2, Exasol, SQLite, and many more. Learn more

Pivot transform  

The pivot operation distributes the data for easy consumption. It spreads out the data in long, winding tables by converting categories in rows into columns. Learn more

System-wide search powered by Zia  

Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant for business is now integrated with Zoho DataPrep and it helps you to perform a system-wide search of all your data. Learn more

Advanced  Filters  

Cleanse data using complex data filters based on wildcards, patterns, data quality, regex, and more. Learn more

Window functions  

Window functions enable you to perform summations and calculations based on a rolling window of data, relative to the current row. Unlike normal aggregate functions, the window functions keep the original rows intact and add the result as a new column. Learn more

We’ve been hearing great things from our early adopters

“From the time we got access to Zoho DataPrep we have put our IT team to the task of integrating our call center data into Zoho DataPrep, so that when we push it to Zoho Analytics, we should be able to offer metrics and data at the customer level. Being able to do this will change the way we do business, and allow us to be competitive in a space not possible before — without crippling fees for dynamic coding. Our eyes are firmly on the future now, thanks to Zoho DataPrep.”

Marc Fishman
Director of Sales and Marketing, Call Center Sales Pro

“We spend a lot of time writing and maintaining custom scripts to import data, fix errors and transform the data. Using Zoho DataPrep, we easily found the errors in the data and fixed them all from within the tool. We are now looking to eliminate manual scripts and use Zoho DataPrep to automate data preparation.”

Claudio Cabeza
Business Development Director, Grupo Premo


We welcome you to try Zoho DataPrep with a free 15-day no-commitment trial and reduce up to 80% of the time spent in preparing your data.


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